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The Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy is an interdisciplinary publication devoted to a discussion of gender, sexuality, race, and class in the context of law and public policy. Our mission is to foster debate, to publish work largely overlooked by other law reviews, and to encourage scholarship outside the bounds of conventional law school curricula. In doing so, we take an expansive view of law, engaging other disciplines including literature, sociology, anthropology, psychology, politics, and critical theory. Our goal is not only to explore what the law was and is, but what it could and should be.
Now published twice yearly, issues of the Journal are centered on a selected topic. In past years the Journal has published outstanding scholarship such wide ranging topics as Gender and Race in Adoption, HIV Law and Policy, Gender and Sports, Gender Issues in Divorce, and Queer Theory.
The Journal is comprised of 25-30 Duke Law students chosen from the 1L Casenote Competition. A select number of 2Ls are chosen to join the staff through our spring Work-on/Note-on Program. The Journal works closely with faculty advisor Professor Katharine Bartlett who, in addition to providing general guidance, advises the Journal in topic and author selection.


ISSN/EISSN: 10901043


The library contains the articles of DJCIL from vol. 1 (1997) to current provided by Gale.


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