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John of Damascus and Heresy. A Basis for Understanding Modern Heresy (2017)

Timothee B. Mushagalusa
ISBN 978-2-88931-205-4

This study investigates the understanding of heresy and the heretic according to Saint John of Damascus. For him, a heretic was any Christian who, by wilful choice, departs from the one orthodox tradition by adopting a personal opinion on the common faith which he intends to institute as sole truth. Our research is divided into two parts and aims to apply John of Damascus' understanding of the recurring identity of the Christian heretic and his behaviour. By using historical-theological, interdisciplinary and diachronical approaches, the author demonstrates through two case studies, namely, the Dutch Reformed Churches and Apartheid, and Kimbanguism, that this Church Father, who is the ‘seal of the patristic era,' remains a relevant authority for our comprehension of heresy and the heretic.

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God is Everywhere, Reflections on Spiritual Passages through Sacred Spaces in Java (2017)

Elis Z. Anis (Ed.)
ISBN 978-2-88931-212-2

This book is a collection of memories in the Interfaith Youth Pilgrimage (IYP) of participants and organizers. As readers will discover, the IYP participants were a diverse group from many faiths and beliefs who were enthusiastic to discuss how they understand and experience sacred spaces together while living in dialogue as individuals and as a group. The book concludes with the optimistic view that peaceful coexistence between faith is not an unattainable dream.

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Struggles for Women-Inclusive Leadership in Toraja Church in Indonesia and the Evangelical Church of Vietnam (2017)

Le Ngoc Bich Ly
ISBN 978-2-88931-210-8

Traditionally, women in Vietnam have been seen as the sole nurturer and care-taker of the family. Similarly, recent reports show that both men and women in Vietnam expect women to behave in a socially constrained way. Women's struggle for leadership in religious organizations in Southeast Asia has been particularly characterized with various levels of accomplishment. This study takes the Toraja Church in Indonesia and the Evangelical Church of Vietnam as two cross-cultural case studies. As the main causes of change in the churches, the author discusses (1) the degree of destabilizing forces from external context and institutional structure; (2) the degree of support and identification with the struggle by male leaders; and (3) the dominant existence of women's feminist projects and their success in turning their feminist projects into collective effort.

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Éthique, gouvernance et performance des entités décentralisées urbaines au Sud-Kivu RD Congo (2017)

Aimé Jules Murhula Manegabe
ISBN 978-2-88931-149-1

This book focuses on the ethics, governance and performance of the decentralized territorial entities in Bukavu, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). For nearly forty years, the different political regimes have tried to improve the living conditions of their populations through the implementation of decentralization, which allows the leaders of their leaders to be approached in the hope of triggering a large-scale local development process. The author argues that this theme is highly strategic for a "post-conflict" country, which aspires to consolidate political ethics, democracy and good governance.

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In the Shadows of Truth: The Polarized Family (2017)

Elly K. Kansiime
ISBN 978-2-88931-203-0

In this book the author deals with the hidden realities posed by parents who spend much of their time occupied with work and leisure, while the children are left to their to their own devices. In the course of these long time period of separation, children build inappropriate relationships and indulge in detrimental practices that pose both short- and long-terms effects to themselves and the family at large.
This book therefore focuses on parental ethical roles in the Uganda African context. It is a very moving family ethical exposition that will build up parents and help them to rethink their approach to family practises. It is a book intended to raise awareness of the subtle dangers that unintentional neglect can cause, potentially damaging their families and their children's future.

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Faith at WorkDirectory of Christian Entrepreneurs and Workers (2017)

Christoph Stückelberger / Vanessa Yuli Wang
ISBN 978-2-88931-207-8

How can faith be lived at work? How can ethical values be implemented in business? Believers in all religions are searching answers. In Christianity, Christian entrepreneurs and Christian workers encourage each other in associations by conferences, trainings, coaching, Bible studies, prayer, advocacy, philanthropy and publications. This Directory lists about 53 Associations of Christian Entrepreneurs and 17 Associations of Christian workers in order to get inspired and increase networking between them. The Geneva Agape Foundation is committed to strenghten faith at work by cooperating with such associations (

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Religion, Public Policy and Social Transformation in Southeast Asia: Religion, Identity and Gender Vol. 2 (2017)

Editor: Dicky Sofjan
ISBN 978-2-88931-201-6

This Book Series is part of a nine-country collaborative research program entitled "Religion, Public Policy and Social Transformation in Southeast Asia". The three-part Book Series deals with religion and its interface with the state and society in Southeast Asia. It examines the multidimensional facets of politics, public policies and social change in relation to contemporary forms of religion, religious communities, thinking, praxes and ethos. All articles in this Book Series were a direct result of a policy-relevant research collaboration conducted by investigators from the participating countries. The issues under examination in this Series include: gender relations, women organizations, identity formation, state policies on gender and religious identity. All of the analyses in this Book Series are fixed within the context of a rapidly changing society in Southeast Asia.

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Philanthropy and Foundation Management: A Guide to Philanthropy in Europe and China (2017)

Christoph Stückelberger / Li Jing
ISBN 978-2-88931-195-8

There is no single true path to philanthropy and foundations management; it varies by culture and country. This book provides conceptual insights and factors analyses on what is philanthropy and how it is practiced in Europe and in China, and why foundations are one of best instruments for philanthropists in pursuing their wishes. The book also gives a special reference on Swiss philanthropic practice. It aims at forming the visions, values and missions of philanthropists and foundation managers, shaping their strategic thinking and governance and defining their programmes and action plans.

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Women's Status and Gender Relations in Post-Genocide Rwanda (2017)

Josephine Mukabera
ISBN 978-2-88931-193-4

After the 1994 genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda, the Government introduced gender equality programs in its development priorities to reduce gender-based inequalities and poverty. Currently, Rwanda tops the list as the country with the highest proportion of women in parliament worldwide, with nearly 64 percent of seats held by women. However, some people remain biased against the concept of women in position of power. Institutional gender sensitive norms, equally benefiting women and men, and correcting gender biased practices in leadership opportunities and rights provision are needed. This work assesses changes related to women's status and gender relations at the local level of Rwanda, exploring the responsibilities allocated to women in the local government, religious institutions and the family decisions.

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Ética y economía: la relación dañada (2017)

Cristina Calvo / Humberto Shikiya / Deivit Montealegre (Eds.)
ISBN 978-2-88931-199-6

Aportes camino al G-20 2018 en el marco de la agenda 2030. "Dialogo de alto nivel sobre arquitectura financiera internacional: ética y economía". Ecoeconomía y economía del bien común global, desigualdades estructurales y protección del trabajo, financiamiento del crimen y corrupción pública y privada, responsabilidad social empresaria y financiamiento para el desarrollo de países y personas. Cada uno de estos puntos tiene una fuerte incidencia en la vida de las naciones y de las personas. La ética suele ser la gran ausente en muchas de las actividades que se desarrollan en el mundo y también en nuestras propias políticas públicas. Cualquier análisis que se haga sobre el sistema financiero internacional y su preponderancia sobre los sectores productivos, sobre la implementación de modelos económicos alejados de los reales intereses de sus destinatarios, como también las políticas que no alcanzan a cubrir necesidades y pobreza por falta de recursos, pone en evidencia la ausencia de elementos de justicia, de ética, que permitan lograr los recursos necesarios para encontrar las soluciones equitativas indispensables. Este debate multidisciplinario quiere ser un aporte a este proceso.

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Reichtum der Welt - für Alle (2017)

Florian Josef Hoffmann
ISBN 978-2-88931-188-0

Der Titel des Buches verspricht "Reichtum für Alle". Natürlich kann das nicht Superluxus für alle sein. Nein, das wäre unendliche Verschwendung, die in niemandes Interesse sein kann. Gemeint ist etwas Realistisches, nämlich eine halbwegs gerechte Teilhabe aller Menschen am unendlichen und unbeschreiblichen Reichtum dieser unserer gottgegebenen Welt. Alle, wirklich alle, können als Menschen in die Lage versetzt werden, ein selbstbestimmtes, menschenwürdiges Leben zu führen, können "durch Wohlstand zur Freiheit" gelangen. Die Grundvorstellung ist simpel: je mehr Menschen es gibt, umso mehr sind in der Lage, sich sinnvoll in ein sinnvolles Ganzes einzubringen. Sonnenenergie, Technologie und motivierte menschliche Arbeitskraft stehen in gigantischem Ausmaß zur Verfügung.

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Search for Non-Violent and People-Centric Development (2017)

John M. Itty
ISBN 978-2-88931-185-9

Market-centric development is not only unjust, inequitable, unsustainable, but also violent. The end of development-aggressive consumption, and the means—aggressive production, trade and accumulation—make development anti-people. The more marketable wealth is produced, the more ill-fare is brought instead of welfare. Financialisation of the economy and neglect of the ecology bring financial and ecological crises. Neglect of non-marketable wealth, like love, caring, sharing, concern for others and social/cultural capital, are the reasons for this malady. Only people-centric development that fosters production of non-marketable wealth along with marketable wealth can promote welfare. In this book, the author, highlights the importance for reducing production of wealth with negative utility, the need to foster spirituality of development, and suggests a few non-market programmes to promote people-centric development.

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Iman Dan Nilai-Nilai Kristiani (2017)

Cui Wantian; Yahya Wijaya; Christoph Stückelberger
ISBN 978-2-88931-116-3

Keimanan adalah kapal induk dari sebuah kapal yang disebut "Impian China". Kunci dari pencapaian "Impian China" ini adalah kebangkitan Peradaban China. Inti dari peradaban adalah kebudayaan, dan inti dari kebudayaan adalah keimanan. Sejarah telah membuktikan bahwa keberlangsungan pembangunan sebuah Negara atau bangsa selalu membutuhkan kelas khusus yang bukan hanya pembangunan ekonomi tetapi juga memegang erat etka dan moralitas. Kelompok-kelompok pengusaha Kristen China yang bermunculan adalah bagian penting dari kelas tersebut bagi China. Buku ini menyajikan sebuah orientasi dan dasar mengenai keimanan Kristen bagi Pengusaha Kristen China: tentang Yesus Kristus, Al Kitab, doktrin-doktrin dasar, spiritualitas, sejarah Gereja, denominasi-denominasi dan dua belas kriteria bagi bisnis Kristen.

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Le pacifisme chrétien: Étude de l'Épître aux Romains (2017)

Kahwa Njojo
ISBN 978-2-88931-162-0

La recrudescence et l'omniprésence de cas de violence dans le monde invite à une réflexion théologique au sujet du problème de la construction de la paix dans un monde violent. Une réponse biblique s'avère indispensable. Le pacifisme caractérisé par la non-violence est un moyen efficace pour aboutir à la paix. Il est cohérent avec le message de l'Évangile et pertinent en ce qui a trait à la contribution que l'Église peut apporter dans son rôle de communauté appelée à construire la paix dans le monde. Ce livre développe la notion du pacifisme à partir de la lecture du passage de Romains 12,12-21.

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Beyond Prosperity? European Economic Governance as a Dialogue between Theology, Economics and Politics (2017)

Editor: Peter Pavlovic
ISBN 978-2-88931-181-1

The coexistence and mutual influence of politics and the economy is an everyday reality in modern societies. A Christian perspective on this relationship speaks to the inseparability of ethics and economy, and also to the necessity of dialogue between theology and politics. Engagement in these issues is an important public role and responsibility for churches and Christian theology. The public role of religion in Europe in this current context includes highlighting the core values of Christianity. Of special import in this regard are justice and freedom, how they are exercised in life, and a focus on other values that have undergirded the European project since its beginning. This text turns its attention to a robust theological discussion of these ideas and the challenges facing the flourishing of these values in Europe. It is a unique ecumenical, European contribution to the wider discussion on the complex intersection of theology, ethics, politics, and the economy.

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Interfaith Dialogues in Indonesia and Beyond (2017)

Editor: Leonard Chrysostomos Epafras
ISBN 978-2-88931-183-5

Religious Studies in Indonesia as a full-fledged discipline has a long precedence, at least since 1970s, but found its momentum after the reformation of 1998. The establishment of CRCS (Centre for Religion and Cross-cultural Studies) in 2000, and the Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies (ICRS) in 2006 marked a significant shift of the discipline. The two institutions provided Master and Doctoral program and researches on Religious Studies. In commemoration to the tenth anniversary of ICRS in 2016, eight alumni contributed part of their research project in the present volume, in order to provide a glimpse of the shift and issues addressed in the discipline at the present day Indonesia. One contribution from the Philippines emphasised further the dynamic of the studies in the region.

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Philanthropy in China: Report of Concepts, History, Drivers, Institutions (2017)

Liu Baocheng / Zhang Mengsha
ISBN 978-2-88931-178-1

Philanthropy in China is fast growing. A new important charity law of China came into effect in 2016. This book is a comprehensive report about these developments: Philanthropy is considered the third form of wealth distribution (private means to public ends and communities) after market competition and taxation scheme. In individualistic and market-oriented societies, philanthropy is more established and relevant than in societies, where the state controls distribution. This book compares Chinese and Western concepts of philanthropy and analyzes the history, drivers, institutional environment, latest legal frame, donation patterns, the role of civil society, corporate giving and the media in Chinese philanthropy. The report serves as comprehensive overview for all actors in society in China and internationally who are dealing with philanthropy in China

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Ética y solidaridad: Perspectivas históricas y normativas (2017)

Edison Paul Tabra Ochoa
ISBN 978-2-88931-175-0

Este trabajo asume el reto de aprehender una idea tan poliédrica como la de la solidaridad. Para ello, además de llevar a cabo un estudio completo de las distintas visiones que se han ofrecido del término, se opta por la acertada estrategia de desglosar su contenido. La propuesta consigue integrar en un solo concepto el enfoque objetivo (como deber o principio), de contenido contractual, con la visión subjetiva (como virtud y actitud), factor de desarrollo humano. Este es, según el autor, el único camino para garantizar el fin esencial de la solidaridad: el bien común y la reducción de las desigualdades de la sociedad por la falta de medios de cumplimiento o por la tendencia al conformismo.

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Прикладная глобальная этика: Экономика. Инновации. Развитие. Мир (2017)

Кристоф Штукельбергер (Christoph Stückelberger)
ISBN 978-2-88931-174-3

Фонд — это глобальная сеть, уделяющая особое внимание вопросам этики, ценностям и взаимопониманию и содействующая распространению ценностно ориентированного подхода во всех сферах жизни общества. Фонд публикует собственные исследования в таких сферах, как образовательная этика, этика государственной службы, экономическая этика и межрелигиозная этика, и поддерживает международные исследовательские проекты. стремится к расширению сотрудничества с партнерами на всех континентах.

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Ethics in Higher Education: Values-driven Leaders for the Future (2017)

Editors: Divya Singh / Christoph Stückelberger 
ISBN 978-2-88931-164-4

The values and virtues practised in universities heavily influence the leaders of the future, but outside the limelight of excelling education institutions there is a concerning violation of good practises and rise in unethical behaviour. This book offers diverse insights from 19 different authors, writing from eight countries in five continents, providing explanations and recommendations for the ethical crisis present around the world which can be mitigated by suitable education in ethics, particularly in higher education institutions.

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Chinese Civil Society (2016)

Liu Baocheng
ISBN 978-2-88931-168-2

The very notion of Chinese civil society could be a subject of controversy: media control, social inequality, judicial independence are hitherto a subject of critical scrutiny. Although conventional media (newspaper, radio and TV) has been under grip by the Chinese communist party, e-participation (micro-blogs, Chinese netizens) has made its way into every corner of China, unlike in other socialist countries such as North Korea and Cuba. Despite the ambivalence of government attitudes at different stages, the positive role of civil organizations has been repeatedly affirmed by various documents and political leaders in China. The paradigm of Chinese NGOs is experiencing an efflorescence. It is too early to foretell in which trajectory they shall evolve. However, one thing is certain: they are growing and reconfiguring, but they do not have to, nor might they ever, meet the standard definition in the liberal western textbook.

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Way-Markers II: 111 Reflections Exploring Ethics in Everyday Life  (2016)

Christoph Stückelberger
ISBN 978-2-88931-160-6

Exploring ethical orientation in everyday life, in political-economic developments and in spiritual questions: This is what these 111 short texts intend to stimulate. They include seven clusters of themes: Creation, meaning and the senses; Good and evil, virtue and vice; Life, energy and being human; Relationships, love and sexuality; Poverty, wealth and justice; Economics, Politics and Globalisation; Faith, church and spirituality. The texts are rooted in Christian ethics. At the same time, they are intended as an invitation to interreligious openness and cooperation with all people of good will. To live out one's own values, to respect other values and to strengthen common global values: Let us dance this dance of life, together with the whole of creation!

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African Church Assets Programme ACAP (2016)

Workshop Report, Nairobi/Geneva 2016
ISBN 978-2-88931-160-6

On 2nd March 2016, at the All African Council of Churches in Nairobi (Kenya), the African Planning Worshop was initiated as part of the African Churches Assets Programme (phase 1). The workshop was the first step in a comprehensive programme that aims to help leaders in church institutions (such as educational centres, health care services, seminaries, etc.) to build practical capacity in a climate of strong accountability and transparency in the management of assets and resources. This workshop was a result of cooperation between and the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC), with the support of Bread for the World. This report is a detailed overview of the presentations, outcomes and follow up of the workshops that took place from 2nd–4th March 2016, that brought together over 25 auspicious leaders and individuals from various religious institutions.

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Higher Education – Ethics in Action: The Value of Values across Sectors (2016)

Global Ethics Forum 2016 Report
ISBN 978-2-88931-159-0

Should ethics be a matter of concern around and within higher education institutions? "Ethics in Higher Education, The Values of Values Across Sectors" was the theme discussed during the Global Ethics Forum (GEF), that took place in Geneva, Switzerland from 23–25 June 2016. Following on from the precedent GEF that started the reflection on the value of values, applied to the global context, the topic of this year is the leading theme for strategic period from 2016 to 2020, focusing on Ethics and Education, covering 4 main pillars: Teaching, Research, Governance, and Interaction with other actors to promote Ethics Education. This report presents a summary of the entire conference including recommendations and projects for action.

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Regional Organisations and Sustainable Governance of Mineral Resources in Tanzania (2016)

Conrad John Masabo
ISBN 978-2-88931-152-1

In today's global scene, there are obvious manifests of the changing perceptions and views over resource discourse. The negative image of resource as ‘a curse' is giving way to a more positive approach, stressing on the potential transformational role that resources can play in the processes of development. This has influenced the prominence of governance agenda and mineral resources governance in Africa in particular and the role of regional organisations in mineral resources governance. As such, regional organisations are rapidly acquiring more power that has positioned them to prescribe, promote and protect standards of governance in different sectors including mining sectors in member states, irrespective of their original purposes. This book examines the contribution of African regional organisations in governance of the mineral sector in Tanzania.

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Démocratie électorale en Afrique subsaharienne Entre droit, pouvoir et argent (2016)

Pascal Mukonde Musulay
ISBN 978-2-88931-156-9

Cet ouvrage souligne l'importance de la démocratie électorale rigoureuse, avec un accent sur la perspective panafricaine-subsaharienne et l'interaction entre l'Occident et l'Afrique. L'auteur montre que les élections sont un test pour la démocratie dans un contexte africain, dont les mécanismes géopolitiques, économiques et juridiques sont finement analysés, dans leur dernière actualité. Ainsi apparaissent en toute clarté les contraintes d'une part, les impasses, les jeux politiques et d'autre part l'évidence de la solution dans le mode d'organisation d'élections subsahariennes. Un outil de compréhension pour étudiants, enseignants et chercheurs; Mukonde offre aussi un éclairage utile pour saisir un processus irrésistible qui concerne les politiciens, la communauté internationale, la société civile et les organisations religieuses.

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Work Motivation and Pro-Social Behavior in the Delivery of Public Services (2016)

Nicoleta Acatrinei
ISBN 978-2-88931-150-7

Motivating civil servants is a key issue in the delivery of public services. Issues such as efficiency, performance, anti-corruption and quality of public services are highly dependent on the motivation of employees in public services. How to motivate them in order to better fulfill the objectives of public agencies? This research is original by proposing, thanks to a structural equation modelling, a global work motivational model allowing the disentanglement of intrinsic and extrinsic work motivations and their inner interactions. She shows how and when these types of motivation impact positively or negatively various work related outcomes, such as prosocial behavior, anti-corruption behavior, job satisfaction, altruistic behavior at work which are sources of efficiency and ethics in government activities.

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Gerechtigkeit für Alle: Religiöser Sozialismus in Mission und Entwicklung (2016)

Karl Wilhelm Rennstich
ISBN 978-2-88931-140-8

Christliche Missionen, Bewegungen und Pioniere von den Klöstern bis zum Widerstand im Dritten Reich und Missions-Handelsunternehmen haben sich innovativ für Gerechtigkeit und Entwicklung eingesetzt. Exemplarisch, sehr faktenreich und sorgfältig zeigt das Werk dieses mutige Gerechtigkeitsstreben an ausgewählten, besonders protestantischen, Pionieren, Missionen, Unternehmen und Bewegungen in Europa, Afrika, Amerika, China, Japan und deren weltweiten Ausstrahlung auf. Sie werden wie ein roter Faden als Religiöser Sozialismus - Gerechtigkeit aus religiöser Motivation - dargelegt. Eine reiche Quelle zur Missionsgeschichte, Entwicklungsethik, Gerechtigkeitspraxis, christlichen Unternehmensethik, Wirtschafts- und Handelsgeschichte und des Religiösen Sozialismus. Eine Orientierungshilfe und ein Hoffnungsbuch von Christen und Christinnen mit Vision, Glaubensstärke, Mut und strategischer Weisheit, um diese Welt in Richtung „Gerechtigkeit für alle" zu bewegen.

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Advancing Freedom of Religion or Belief for All (2016)

Editors: Elizabeta Kitanovic and Fr Aimilianos Bogiannou
ISBN 978-2-88931-136-1

Issues relating to freedom of religion or belief affect all people in all societies, and require coordinated political, legal, and theological responses. In September 2015 at the shuttered Theological School of Halki —human rights experts, scholars, policymakers, and theologians came together to advance this important dialogue and share best practices. Together the contributions from this conference gathered here give a contemporary and interdisciplinary perspective on this critical human rights issue. This collection of essays is indispensable reading for all those interested in the future of faith in an increasingly multicultural and multireligious Europe.

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Sovranità e cooperazioni: Guida per fondare ogni governance democratica sull'interdipendenza dei diritti dell'uomo (2016)

Editors: Patrice Meyer-Bisch, Stefania Gandolfi, Greta Balliu
ISBN 978-2-88931-132-3

La sovranità è un principio universale fondato sull'esercizio di tutti i diritti dell'uomo interdipendenti; essa si realizza attraverso molteplici cooperazioni. Ogni diritto dell'uomo è una capacità e un fattore di sviluppo in quanto garantisce gli accessi, promuove le libertà e rafforza le responsabilità. Ciò significa che la realizzazione di ogni diritto civile, culturale, economico, politico, sociale costituisce uno sviluppo delle persone e dei tessuti sociali. Questa sintesi si presenta come una guida teorica destinata ai responsabili delle politiche e delle strutture pubbliche, delle organizzazioni della società civile e delle imprese, ai professionisti che si occupano della stesura interattiva dei progetti, del loro accompagnamento e della loro valutazione, e, infine ai responsabili della formazione e agli studenti.

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Les fondements éthiques du féminisme: réflexions à partir du contexte africain (2016)

Fifamè Fidèle Houssou Gandonou
ISBN 978-2-88931-138-5

Qu'y a-t-il d'inacceptable aujourd'hui, en Afrique comme ailleurs, dans la condition féminine? Le féminisme bien compris est une réponse à cette question et un effort pratique pour relever le défi d'une injustice criarde, qui maintient la femme dans l'infériorité. L'auteure de cette dissertation présente la clé de compréhension de ce problème social comme une variante du combat contre l'inégalité, où l'éthique déontologique universelle est centrale avec son exigence de dignité pour tous. La première partie du texte évoque la condition féminine en Afrique, la seconde présente l'histoire et l'évolution du féminisme sous différentes formes, enfin la troisième partie, intitulée "Le féminisme, une question éthique et théologique" se concentre sur la déconstruction de l'éthique classique épurée de toute idéologie masculiniste. 

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Weg-Zeichen II: 111 Denkanstösse für Ethik im Alltag (2016)

Christoph Stückelberger
ISBN 978-2-88931-147-7

In Alltagserlebnissen, politisch-wirtschaftlichen Entwicklungen und spirituellen Fragen ethische Orientierung finden: Dazu möchten diese 111 Kurztexte anregen. Sie kreisen um Themen wie Schöpfung, Sinne und Sinn; Gut und Böse; Leben, Lebensstrom und Menschsein; Beziehungen, Liebe und Sexualität; Armut, Reichtum und Gerechtigkeit; Wirtschaft, Politik und Globalisierung; Glaube, Kirche und Spiritualität. Die Texte sind verwurzelt in der christlichen Ethik. Gleichzeitig wollen sie zur interreligiösen Offenheit und Kooperation mit allen Menschen einladen. Die eigenen Werte leben, andere Werte respektieren und gemeinsam globale Werte stärken: Lasst uns gemeinsam - und mit der gesamten Schöpfung - diesen Tanz des Lebens tanzen.

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Intelligence Reform in the Post-Dictatorial Democratic Republic of Congo (2016)

John Kasuku
ISBN 978-2-88931-120-0

While the current body of knowledge on the role of intelligence services in post-colonial Africa emphazises the protection of dictatorial regimes and poor governance of the security sector as the main contributing factors to the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of African intelligence services, this book offers a critical analysis of the missions assigned to intelligence agencies during different periods of DRC's political history and demonstrates that Congolese intelligence services rather efficiently protected Western interests during the Cold War period, when the West was competing with the Soviet Union over the control of the African continent. During this period, for over three decades, they incidentally protected the political leadership, which is the key role for intelligence services in virtually all states.

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