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Globethics.net es una red mundial de personas e instituciones interesadas en diferentes campos de la ética aplicada. Gracias a su prestigiosa biblioteca digital global sobre ética, ofrece acceso a un gran número de recursos que facilitan la investigación colaborativa en base web, conferencias, publicaciones en línea y el intercambio activo de información.


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Noticias mundiales sobre ética

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Selected by Globethics.net from 100'000 online news sources powered by Meltwater. The content of the news does not reflect Globethics.net viewpoints. Language folders contain different news.


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Our highlights

Workshop on Practical Approach to Global Ethics, CSR & Sustainability

Globethics.net together with the CSR Finance Institute is organising this workshop which will examine Global Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility-CSR and Sustainability (GGECSRS) from the...   Leer más »

Globethics.net Publications: A Publishing Milestone!

This month our publications department reached an important milestone. As of September 2017, our publications have accumulated over 1,000,000 downloads! Since 2013, we have been...   Leer más »

New Globethics Promotion Video

We are delighted to share our new promotional video that will be used to present and market Globethics.net. Our new video, coordinated by our South America regional programme,...   Leer más »

Globethics.net Newsletter No 8/2017

In this edition: Stop Fake Certificates! by Christoph Stückelberger; New journal on Theology; three new publications and all about the events coming up!   Leer más »

New GlobeTheoLib homepage

The homepage of the Global Digital Library on Theology and Ecumenism GlobeTheoLib has been refreshed and updated.    It is now easier to search and navigate and has up to...   Leer más »

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Biblioteca Digital Mundial sobre Teología y Ecumenismo

Pictures of the GTL Consortium 2016

GlobeTheoLib Consortium Committee 2016

Global Ethics Forum

La edición 2016 del Global Ethics Forum, se llevará a cabo en Ginebra, 23-24 de junio. Información sobre el programa y la inscripción estará disponible en breve. Leer más..

The Global Ethics Forum 2016 group picture