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Philanthropy in China: Report of Concepts, History, Drivers, Institutions (2017)
Liu Baocheng / Zhang Mengsha
ISBN China Ethics No. 7

Philanthropy in China is fast growing. A new important charity law of China came into effect in 2016. This book is a comprehensive report about these developments: Philanthropy is considered the third form of wealth distribution (private means to public ends and communities) after market competition and taxation scheme. In individualistic and market-oriented societies, philanthropy is more established and relevant than in societies, where the state controls distribution. This book compares Chinese and Western concepts of philanthropy and analyzes the history, drivers, institutional environment, latest legal frame, donation patterns, the role of civil society, corporate giving and the media in Chinese philanthropy. The report serves as comprehensive overview for all actors in society in China and internationally who are dealing with philanthropy in China

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Chinese Civil Society (2016)
Liu Baocheng
ISBN China Ethics No. 6

The very notion of Chinese civil society could be a subject of controversy: media control, social inequality, judicial independence are hitherto a subject of critical scrutiny. Although conventional media (newspaper, radio and TV) has been under grip by the Chinese communist party, e-participation (micro-blogs, Chinese netizens) has made its way into every corner of China, unlike in other socialist countries such as North Korea and Cuba. Despite the ambivalence of government attitudes at different stages, the positive role of civil organizations has been repeatedly affirmed by various documents and political leaders in China. The paradigm of Chinese NGOs is experiencing an efflorescence. It is too early to foretell in which trajectory they shall evolve. However, one thing is certain: they are growing and reconfiguring, but they do not have to, nor might they ever, meet the standard definition in the liberal western textbook.

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中国经济伦理研究 第二集 Research on Chinese Business Ethics Volume 2 (2016)
王淑芹 (Wang Shuqin) (编辑) (Ed.)
ISBN China Ethics No. 5

经济伦理学是当代社会的显学。经济发展是人类生存的命脉。经济伦理关乎人类社会经济发展的走势及其国民的生活品质与幸福。深入探究现代市场经济社会经济发 展的伦理规制,避免经济增长与道德滑落的二律背反,是世界各国都要面对和解决的理论与实践问题。本书是中国伦理学人对经济伦理相关问题理论研究的成果集 萃。We can discover in this second volume three thematic parts  of Chinese business ethics research: justice and environmental ethics, ethics of integrity and corporate social responsibility.

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中国经济伦理研究 第一集 Research on Chinese Business Ethics Volume 1 (2016)
王淑芹 (Wang Shuqin) (编辑) (Ed.)
ISBN China Ethics No. 4

经济伦理学是当代社会的显学。经济发展是人类生存的命脉。经济伦理关乎人类社会经济发展的走势及其国民的生活品质与幸福。深入探究现代市场经济社会经济发 展的伦理规制,避免经济增长与道德滑落的二律背反,是世界各国都要面对和解决的理论与实践问题。本书是中国伦理学人对经济伦理相关问题理论研究的成果集 萃。Six essential parts of Chinese ethical research findings have been collected within two volumes (here Vol. 1), including ethics of market economy, business ethics as a discipline, values of business ethics, justice and environmental ethics, ethics of integrity and corporate social responsibility.

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China Business Perception Index: Survey on Chinese Companies' Perception of Doing Business in Kenya (2015)
Yuan Wang and Yating Luo
ISBN 978-2-88931-061-6 China Ethics No. 3

The Business Perception Index (BPI) has been developed to understand the Kenya-based Chinese companies' characteristics, to understand the business and investment climate faced by Chinese enterprises, and how these conditions affect productivity and growth of Chinese companies in Kenya. The BPI Survey-Kenya is a firm-level descriptive survey of Chinese private and state-owned enterprises in Kenya. The questionnaire includes the following ten major sections: basic firm characteristics, regulation and taxes, crime and safety, informality, gender, finance, infrastructure, trade, workforce, corruption and obstacles analysis. We reached out through email and telephone to 184 Chinese establishments in Kenya, and 75 companies accepted the survey.

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影响中国环境政策执行效果的因素分析 China's Environmental Policy.
Factor Analysis of its Implementation (2015)

鲍自然 Bao Ziran
ISBN 978-2-88931-052-4 China Ethics No. 2

近年来,中国的重大环境问题越来越密切地与政策执行相关。因此,本书的视角确定为环境政策执行,探究环境政策执行不力的症结所在,为政策制定者和执行者提 供理论借鉴。在理性"经济人"假设、机会主义假设和资源稀缺性假设的前提下,本书以制度分析、行为分析和利益分析为主线,运用博弈论、委托-代理理论、公 共选择理论,结合案例分析和问卷调查,分析了环境政策质量、政策执行资源、正式制度、政策执行主体和政策对象的行为、社会力量的监督等诸因素对环境政策执 行效果的影响。最后,得出六项利于环境政策有效执行的建议。[In recent years, China's major environmental issues are closely associated with policy implementation. Therefore, the perspective of this book to determine the environmental policy implementation. This book offers the results of six environmental policies leading to effective implementation and to recommendations.]

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中国的企业社会责任 Corporate Social Responsibility in China (2015)
刘宝成/高欢(编辑)Liu Baocheng / Dorothy Gao (eds.)
ISBN China Ethics No. 1

对外经济贸易大学国际经济伦理研究中心(CIBE)致力于企业社会责任的研究、教育与推广。自2007年CIBE发起首届大学生"企业社会责任"征文大赛以来,全国累计有超过一万组同学参赛,有多名获奖选手获得国外硕士项目奖学金、国内外期刊杂志发表、实习等机会,在高校和社会中引起了强烈反响。[This book consists of 15 papers from the winning papers of the fifth and sixth round of the Collegiate CSR Essay Competition, gathered and edited by CIBE and The topics covers: Environmental Protection, Administration Ethics, Supply Chain Management, Consumer Rights, Labor Protection, etc.]

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