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The African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development (AJFAND) is a highly cited and prestigious quarterly peer reviewed journal with a global reputation published in Kenya by the Rural Outreach Programme (ROP) in Nairobi.
Our internationally recognized publishing programme covers a wide range of scientific and development disciplines, including agriculture, food, nutrition, environmental management and sustainable development related information.
History: AJFAND was initiated in 2001 as a pilot project managed of the Rural Outreach Programme (ROP) by Prof.Ruth Oniang'o . The first issue was published in August 2001, making it one of the first continuously published agriculture, nutrition and development research publications in Africa. It is a quartely publication with each issue combining research, programs and policy aspects.
Vision: AJFAND envisions a world where information on Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development is contributed and shared honestly, respectfully, equally and impartially, a world in which the AJFAND supports all those who would like to contribute to knowledge building in the South as well as in the North. A key guiding principle of AJFAND is that no culture has a monopoly of knowledge.
Mission: AJFAND wants to improve policy and decision-making in the field of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition, Development, the application of emerging technologies, their regulation and related research.
Target group: The primary audience of the Journal consists of scientists, researchers, policy makers, students and non Governmental populace whose profession and/or interest lie in sustainable development, agriculture and food security. The secondary target group also includes a wide range of people like journalists, lecturers, opinion leaders, who work in the media and provide the actors with information through newspapers, magazines, lectures, website, radio, television, radio, traditional dance and drama.
AJFAND is open to both African and non-African contributors. Besides academic research, the journal provides an avenue for sharing information on national-level food, nutrition and agricultural programs.



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