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Body and Religion is an internationally peer reviewed, interdisciplinary journal devoted to all issues of body and religion. The journal provides a forum for the study of all manner of ancient and contemporary practices, concerns, ideals, and connections or disconnections between body and religion.

Essays and analyses are capable of being delivered on a multi-media platform, assisting in examining performances, rituals, and other topics that are not easily captured in print. However, alternate and innovative presentations must include a significant written portion for print, while corresponding extra color art, video, and other media will be included on the journal website and in other electronic forms.

There are two issues per year commencing in 2017.


ISSN: 2057-5823 (Print) ; 2057-5831 (Online)


The library contains articles of Body and religion as from vol. 1(2017) to current, provided by Equinox Publishing.


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