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Catholic Institute for Development, Justice and Peace (CIDJAP)


About this Institutional Collection is hosting a institutional collection of documents from Catholic Institute for Development, Justice and Peace (CIDJAP), a social organ of the Catholic Church, committed to the implementation of the Catholic social teaching. Through its numerous projects CIDJAP has touched the lives of millions of people by relentlessly pursuing its tripartite causes of Justice, Development and Peace following the motto: "If you want peace work for justice". The logo of CIDJAP is a map of Africa showing two hands shaking one another - a symbol of hope, openness to dialogue and friendship, sign of solidarity.

Book chapters from Obiora Ike's works
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About CIDJAP's Founder Obiora Ike
Prof. Dr. Obiora Ike who founded CIDJAP is since 2016 Executive DIrector of Foundation in Geneva (Switzerland). 


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