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Health Matrix: Journal of Law-Medicine (cite as: Health Matrix) is a premier journal of legal scholarship focusing on the intersection of law, ethics, medicine, and policy. Founded in 1991, Health Matrix is a student-run journal at Case Western Reserve University School of Law. Its editors work closely with faculty advisors who are preeminent in the fields of health law and bioethics. U.S. News & World Report ranks Case Western Reserve University School of Law as having one of the top 3 law school health law programs, and Health Matrix consistently rates as one of the top student-edited law reviews focusing on health law. Published twice a year, Health Matrix includes articles written by influential scholars as well as student notes written with faculty guidance. Typically, one issue each year is a symposium on a significant and timely health law topic.


ISSN: 0748-383X


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  • Ética Política
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    • Ética de la salud