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No issue is on the human mind more than the search for peace. Numerous factors, such as justice, power, national interest, ethnic rivalry, hunger, the environment, values, human nature, and economics, have an impact on world peace. International Journal on World Peace is concerned with all of these. 

A scholarly publication, International Journal on World Peace cuts across all disciplines, all cultures, all politics, all philosophies. Each issue contains diverse articles from authors around the world. 

International Journal on World Peace also contains reviews of recent books related to world peace, and is indexed each year. It is abstracted, indexed, or made available on CD-ROM by several agencies. It is a welcome addition to any library. 

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  • Ética Política
    • Ética de sistemas políticos
    • Ética del derecho
    • Ética de la paz
    • Gobernanza y ética
    • Ética del desarrollo