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New Journals on Gender and Bioethics

Please check out our latest journal titles on ethics, education, and/or religious studies, available for free!   Lire la suite »

Book of the month: Open Education. International Perspectives in Higher Education

Open Education provides a great mix of research and authentic application of "open" in éducation which is global in perspective. The contributions provide insightful evidence that open...   Lire la suite »

Audio: How to Achieve World Peace

How can we achieve world peace? Through ‘dialogue, good governance and friendship' says Dr Obiora Ike, a professor, ethicist and Executive Director of The comments...   Lire la suite » Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education. Inaugural Meeting 2017 Report

During June 2017, over the course of 3 days at venues based in Switzerland and France, organised and hosted the inaugural meeting of the Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education....   Lire la suite » Annual Report 2017

This report showcases the manifold ways in which is working towards creating a more ethical world and integrating ethics in...   Lire la suite »

Spring Board Meeting, 20-21 April 2018

Mr Pavan Duggal , an advocate and globally recognised cyberlaw specialist from India, was elected as a new member of the Board of Foundation at its spring meeting, which took...   Lire la suite »

Second Semester Webcast Series on Sustainability, Ethics and Action in collaboration with CITVN has produced a webcast series on the reading of Pope Francis' environmental encyclical Laudato Si, which has been describe as a ‘worldwide wake...   Lire la suite » Newsletter No 4/2018

n this edition: Ethical Custom and Social Purpose by Joan Elise Dubinsky; All you need to know about International Conference on 4-6 June 2018! New collections, journals and...   Lire la suite »

Submit your documents to the Library Submission Collection Library offers to its registered participants the opportunity to submit their own documents in the library and therefore to make them available to the other participants...   Lire la suite »

Fighting corruption through religious institutions in Nigeria

In March 2018 the Lux Terra Leadership Foundation , in partnership with the MacArthur Foundation , introduced a series of trainings and public enlightenment activities on the effective...   Lire la suite »
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