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Global Ethics Day 2017 Reading List: The Golden Rule: 12 Key Concepts from Eastern Spirituality to Take the Cannoli

Golden Rule as Cultivating Benevolence and Applying Modesty Keywords: Virtue ethics, Analects, Confucian ethics.  Source: Confucius, Analects 1.3 (written between 475–221 BC) ...   Lire la suite »

New Collection Catholic Institute for Development, Justice and Peace is hosting a institutional collection of documents from Catholic Institute for Development, Justice and Peace (CIDJAP), a social organ of the Catholic Church, committed to the...   Lire la suite »

Encountering Families of Different Faiths: Engender and Encourage Family Ethics

This project intended to meet families of different faith traditions and to elucidate the importance of family in inculcating values for life. The first gathering for 80 children to discuss...   Lire la suite »

Second Edition of TEIDs Ethics and Compliance Managers Certification Program has ended on September 30, 2017

The Ethics and Reputation Society TEİD, has closed the second edition of Turkey's first-ever Ethics and Compliance Manager Certification Program.   This second session, which...   Lire la suite » Newsletter No 9/2017

In this edition: Does university prepare students for life? by Chidiebere Onyia; Global Ethics Day; new publications and all about the events coming up!   Lire la suite »

Biomimethics adding values on mission

On Wednesday, 14th September 2017, had the privilege to receive Didier Blasco, a practitioner and researcher in Biomimethics for a presentation and discussion. The session was...   Lire la suite »

Joint communique from the Participants of the second African Church Assets Programme (ACAP II)

The All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC), Bread for the World and co-organised the second meeting of the African Christian Assets Programme (ACAP II) held at the Desmond...   Lire la suite »

Values-Driven Education in Research, Teaching and Governance: The Catholic Identity and The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) as a Model's Executive Director Obiora Ike visited the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Nairobi, Kenya on 20 September 2017 where the Vice Chancellor Prof. Justus...   Lire la suite »

A Marshall Plan with Africa

Dr Obiora Ike, Executive Director of, has been invited to join a committee of experts to advise on a project with the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. ...   Lire la suite »

Workshop on Practical Approach to Global Ethics, CSR & Sustainability together with the CSR Finance Institute is organising this workshop which will examine Global Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility-CSR and Sustainability (GGECSRS) from the...   Lire la suite »
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