Ethics for Responsible Leadership in the 21st Century - 29 August

The East Africa programme is organizing a one-day interdisciplinary session under the theme “Ethics for Responsible Leadership in the 21st Century. It is hoped that it will attract a...   Lire la suite »

World Congress on Education, South Africa - Deadline June 1

The WCE is an international refereed conference dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practices in education.   Lire la suite »

Catholic Social Thought: Relevance Reconsidered - Deadline 31 May

1st Annual St. Nicholas of Myra Conference on Catholic Social Thought   Lire la suite »

Report on "The Week of Ethics" in Košice - 8-11 April 2014

Theologians, pastors, ethicists, lawyers and sociologists from all over Slovakia – from the left and right of the spectrum of  society were discussing important scientific topics. ...   Lire la suite »

Convention: Ethics in Research on Human Subjects - Deadline 7 May

The Convention will focus on the national and international guidelines and ground realities in India where we do not want to dampen the enthusiasm for research particularly in interdisciplinary...   Lire la suite »

Call for Papers: Enlightened Anarchism - 1 June

An inter-disciplinary event organized by Lapland University, in cooperation with Cambridge University.   Lire la suite »

Seminar: "Practicing Philosophy" - August 4-10

Every summer, in the little village of La Chapelle St André gather about 30-40 persons involved in philosophical practice in order to reflect on their work and improve professionally.   Lire la suite »

Séminaire: "Pratiquer la philosophie" - 29 Mai-1 Juin

Durant ce séminaire, qui se déroulera à Argenteuil (Val d’Oise), nous travaillerons les enjeux et le fonctionnement de la pratique philosophique, en tant qu’outil d’approfondissement de la pensée...   Lire la suite »

Conference: The Ethics of Citizenship in the 21st Century - 30-31 May

Since the emergence of the Athenian polis over two millennia ago, the concept of citizenship has played a central role in the self-understanding and internal organization of Western societies.   Lire la suite »

Call for Papers: Why Charity? The politics and ethics of charity - 19 May

Helping others in need through charitable giving and work is surely just obviously a good thing. If we see that someone is starving and we have some food going spare, then it seems self-evident...   Lire la suite »
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