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The Ecumenical Review is a quarterly theological journal published by the World Council of Churches. Each issue focuses on a specific current theme of importance to the ecumenical movement.
Each issue of The Ecumenical Review includes diverse and incisive theological and ethical analysis. In recent issues, the topical concerns covered have ranged from religious freedom and proselytism to work in a sustainable society, from the place of the Roman Catholic Church in the search for Christian unity to the tensions that arise when the church faces questions of human sexuality.


ISSN: 0013-0796


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  • Méthodes de l'éthique
    • Ethiques théologiques

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  • Œcuménisme
    • Mouvement œcuménique
    • Conseil œcuménique des Eglises
    • Organisations œcuméniques régionales et nationales
    • Communions Chrétiennes Mondiales
    • Personnalités œcuméniques
    • Théologie, spiritualité, liturgie œcuménique
    • Union des Eglises, dialogue interconfessionnel
  • Théologies interculturelles et contextuelles
  • Confessions chrétiennes