Collection Description

Educational Resources collection of educational resources for learning and teaching ethics at all levels and in various contexts. At the moment the collection is mainly composed of open educational resources (OER) harvested from major OER repositories:

•    LearnTechLib -The Learning and Technology Library, resource for aggregated, peer-reviewed research on the latest developments and applications in Learning and Technology. Over 100,000 full-text and abstracts, peer-reviewed documents are available, including: Journal articles, Conferences papers, e-Books, Reports, Dissertations, Keynote talks, Presentation slides, and Collections of articles;

•    OAsis - The Commonwealth of Learning COL's online institutional repository for learning resources and publications, available under a Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license, for free reuse and adaptation with attribution to COL, Government of Canada with headquarters in Burnaby, British Columbia;

•    OpenStax -Founded by Dr. Richard Baraniuk in 1999 – then Connexions - at Rice University to provide authors and learners with an open space where they can share and freely adapt educational materials such as courses, books, and reports. Today, OpenStax CNX is a dynamic non-profit digital ecosystem serving millions of users per month in the delivery of educational content to improve learning outcomes.

It is planned to integrate educational resources developed by and/or for the member institutions  of the Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education.

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