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The International Labour Review has long been an important resource for scholars and policy makers. And today, at a time when concerns about the need for decent work are greater than ever, a better knowledge base is essential for the design of labour and social policy to meet this need. With this in mind, the International Labour Review, the ILO's flagship journal since 1921, has been reorganized.

First, a new editorial team has been put in place. Second, the ILR will be associated with the ILO's International Institute for Labour Studies (IILS), whose Director chairs the new Editorial Board. Third, the Board of Advisers is being reinforced and restructured. Fourth, a partnership has been established with Wiley-Blackwell, which will henceforth distribute the journal and, from 2008, publish it.

As a global multidisciplinary journal of labour and social policies and relationships, the new ILR is open to articles which meet scholarly standards but which are written in a way that is accessible to a wider readership. They may cover any of the fields of interest of the ILO – employment and labour markets, training and skills development, social security and social protection, labour law and labour institutions, rights at work and social dialogue. The pages of the journal are also open to all relevant disciplines – economics, law, sociology, political science – and articles taking an interdisciplinary perspective are particularly welcome.

In addition to the main articles, a separate section will contain a small number of reviews of major books, and a new "Notes, debates and communications" section will report on recent and upcoming events of interest to the readership, analyse important recent developments in the world of work, and provide summaries and access to important documents with major policy implications for labour and development.



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