Methodist and Wesleyan Studies
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A pastoral care model to refugees within the Metropolitan Methodist Church of Southern Africa of Pietermaritzburg.
Women Ministers in Mission with Reference to the Methodist Church of Southern Africa
The mission and the role of the Women's Manyano Movement in the Methodist Church of Southern Africa.
Evangelization and Church Growth in the African Context
Evangelização e Crescimento Da Igreja No Contexto Africano
Mission as hospitality : the ministry of the Free Methodist church to orphaned and vulnerable children in Kawama township in Ndola, Zambia
A study of the factors that influenced the rise and development of Ethiopianism within the Methodist Church in Southern Africa (1874- 1910).
Leaning Both Ways at Once: Methodist Evangelistic Mission at the Intersection of Church and World
Challenging Leadership: Mission-Shaped Presbyters in Methodist Fresh Expressions
Labouring Side by Side
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