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Social Theory and Practice provides a forum for the discussion of theoretical and applied questions in social, political, legal, economic, educational, and moral philosophy, including critical studies of classical and contemporary social philosophers. It features original philosophical work by authors from all relevant disciplines, including the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. This peer-reviewed journal is published by the Florida State University Department of Philosophy in cooperation with the Philosophy Documentation Center.


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The Globethics Library contains available open access articles from Social Theory and Practice Vol.23 1997 to Vol. 38 2012




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  • Ethique mondiale
  • Ethique politique
    • Ethique du droit
  • Ethique économique
    • Ethique des systèmes économiques
  • Méthodes de l'éthique
    • Méthodes en générale et historiques
    • Ethiques philosophiques
  • Ethique communautaire