Global Ecumenical Theological Institute

What is the Global Ecumenical Theological Institute?

The Global Ecumenical Theological Institute (GETI) took place in Seoul and Busan/Korea from 25 October to 9  November 2013, alongside the World Council of Churches' 10th Assembly, as a major event for about 150 younger advanced theology students from all regions of the world and all Christian denominational traditions, for an intensive theological course programme for a period of 2 weeks. Its curriculum focussed on "the future of ecumenism and the transformation of World Christianity in the 21st century" and was geared to the theme of the WCC Assembly "God of life, lead us to justice and peace". GETI was a place for ecumenical leadership formation, intense theological learning and mutual dialogue as well as inter-generational dialogue with important leaders of the ecumenical and evangelical movement.

GETI is a special initiative which has been prepared and supported by the Ecumenical Theological Education Programme of the World Council of Churches (ETE) in cooperation with Bossey Ecumenical Institute and a network of partnering theological colleges and associations of theological schools in both Korea and the regions.


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GETI and GlobeTheoLib

GlobeTheoLib has accompanied the GETI project by offering its digital working space.

GETI internal workgroup

All registered student and faculty participants have access to a restricted workgroup space through which core materials and relevant information will be shared before, during and after the GETI Project. If you are one of the selected GETI participants, click here to get to the restricted GETI workgroup.

GETI open workgroup

There is an open site for young theologians who are interested in ecumenism and World Christianity. Joining this workgroup gives access to selected GETI materials and to a worldwide network of young theologians. To join this "Global Ecumenical Network of Young Theologians" click here.

 GETI resources

All academic GETI material is available for free download on GlobeTheoLib. You can download the newly published GETI reader "Ecumenical Visions for the 21st Century" as an e-book (purchase the hard copy book on amazon), access lecture scripts and other papers. To read and download the material, click here.


GETI social media and communication

Be part of GETI at a distance!
You can connect with GETI from your home computer, get actively involved in discussions and have your voice heard within GETI! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and read daily live news threads on the lectures and discussions that are happening in the plenary sessions. You can participate in virtual discussions and share your opinion. Interesting reactions, comments or questions from the Facebook community will even be adressed on the spot to the GETI plenum in Busan by our communications team. Furthermore, there will be video recording of the key lectures, posted regularly on our social media pages.

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