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Perpustakaan Globethics.net adalah perpustakaan digital yang menawarkan kepada pengguna terdaftar akses elektronik yang gratis ke ribuan dokumen full teks di bidang etika dan disiplin yang terhubung. Partisipan juga mempunya kemungkinan untuk memasukkan dokumen mereka ke perpustakaan.



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Library news

Book Launch: Research Ethics in Social Sciences

The book launch of " Research Ethics in Social Sciences " (in Spanish) by Dr. Florencia Santi took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 22. It is a great achievement in the Open Access...   Membaca Selengkapnya »

Europeana assembly in Latvia

Our Globethics.net Online Librarian had the opportunity to attend this year's annual  general meeting of Europeana , the European cultural heritage portal , held in Riga at the...   Membaca Selengkapnya »

The Global Ethics Forum 2016 report is available

This report is the fruit of a two-and-a-half-day dialogue between experienced speakers and 165 participants from over 55 countries. 50% discount on the print version until 6 Dec.   Membaca Selengkapnya »

Update on commercial journals

Globethics.net has consolidated its offer of commercial journal titles, totalling 43 from 3 publishers, such as Equinox, Sage and Talyor and Francis, who took over the journals we previously had...   Membaca Selengkapnya »

New database: Gale Religion and Philosophy Collection

Find more online resources with our new database: Gale Religion and Philosophy Collection   Membaca Selengkapnya »
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Library tips

New submission process: share quickly documents with your peers worldwide

All submissions are now automatically and immediately published in Globethics.net Library without any delay. Enjoy the new submission process!   Membaca Selengkapnya »

How to use "My recommendations and favorites features"

Login to Globethics.net : www.globethics.net    Check "My Recommendations" under "My Library" on the left. According to your areas of interest (which you defined in...   Membaca Selengkapnya »

Get alerts when new content is posted in your favourite online journals

It is easy to subscribe to the Globethics.net online journals and to get regular email alerts. The Globethics.net Library offers you over 428 journals for free! In order to see the latest...   Membaca Selengkapnya »

New Credo Mind Map

You can access a huge range of encyclopaedias,dictionaries, biographies and handbooks in applied ethics by using the new Credo Mind Map . The Credo brainstorming tool can be used to find...   Membaca Selengkapnya »
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The Global Digital Library on Ethics (GlobeEthicsLib) was launched in 2008. It is the leading global online library on ethics. Globethics.net is now building up further libraries on related disciplines.

As a first step, a Global Digital Library on Theology and Ecumenism (GlobeTheoLib) was inaugurated in 2011. It is planned that this should be followed by further digital libraries, including on Islamic Theology and on Philosophy.

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