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1.7 million Index Theologicus records now available in Library

Over 1.7 million records from the " Index Theologicus " (the International Bibliography of Theology and Religious Studies, IxTheo for short), a free and open access service of the ...   Membaca Selengkapnya »

Book of the month: Open. The Philosophy and Practices that are Revolutionizing Education and Science

Edited by Jhangiani, Rajiv & Biswas-Diener, Robert. "Affordable education. Transparent science. Accessible scholarship. These ideals are slowly becoming a reality thanks to the open...   Membaca Selengkapnya »

Climate Ethics Enlarged

Enlarged to 9'000 items Climate ethics collection is focusing on the gathering of latest scientific and journalistic...   Membaca Selengkapnya »

Book of the month: Higher Education in 2040. A Global Approach

By Bert van der Zwaan   Since the Middle Ages, universities have displayed impressive resourcefulness in their ability to adapt...   Membaca Selengkapnya »

Ecotheology, Climate Justice and Food Security Enlarged

  Enlarged to 4'000 items This collection gathers contributions, resources and perspectives on eco-theology,...   Membaca Selengkapnya »