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Globethics.net adalah komunitas global interaktif dalam bidang etika. Sebagai jaringan elektronik, globethics.net menawarkan banyak kemungkinan untuk mengontak, interaksi, dan proyek kolaborasi di antara partisipan.




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Stop Fake Certificates!

"Opportunity to obtain an Honorary Doctoral Degree and Professorship Award." This was the subject line of an email that I...   Membaca Selengkapnya »

Why be ethical?

Why should we be ethical?  We are really asking two questions in one: what compels us to act with ethical intention and what are the...   Membaca Selengkapnya »

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Globethics.net has agreements with more than 200 partners institutions including university ethics centers, ethics networks, libraries, regional programmes partners, UN agencies and NGOs.

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