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Ethics Dumping Case Studies from North-South Research Collaborations
Sterilization of those with intellectual disability: Evolution from non-consensual interventions to strict safeguards
Refugee law in crisis: decolonizing the architecture of violence
A fuzzy multiple attribute decision making tool for HVAC&R systems selection with considering the future probabilistic climate changes and electricity decarbonisation plans in the UK
Mapping and Understanding Exclusion: Institutional, coercive and community-based services and practices across Europe
Chronotope: an investigation of the spatial and temporal organization in technology-mediated collaborative learning
Argumentation by Quotations : The Rhetorical Functions of Scriptural Quotations in Romans
Ympäristö ylittää oppiainerajat : Arvolatautuneisuus ja monialaisuus koulun ympäristöopetuksen haasteina
On the scalability of 5G Core network: the AMF case
The Association of Religious Affiliation and Pyschosocial/Family Dynamics with Selected Risky Behaviors Among At-risk Youth Living in the Slums of Kampala, Uganda: Findings from the Kampala Youth Surv...
1 2 3 . . . 604214