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Altérité, pluralité et unité : le cheminement de l'identité normande au Xe siècle
Abolishing Australia’s Judicially Enacted Sui generis Doctrine of Extended Joint Enterprise
Household preferences for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in four European high-income countries: Does health information matter? A mixed-methods study protocol
From Ontology to Psychoanalysis. Benussi and Musatti on the Concept of Mental Reality
Elections as a democratic linkage mechanism: How elections boost political trust in a proportional system
Brentano’s epistemology of history: inner experience and the reality of the past
Making sense of interactions between mental health and criminal justice services: the utility of cultural historical activity systems theory
The Realization of Harmony in a Broken World: Reconsidering the Role of Ethics in Milbank's Ontology of Peace
The Secularization of Providential Order: F. A. Hayek's Political-Economic Theology
Secularism Meets Coloniality: Mariategui's Andean Political Theology
1 2 3 . . . 138273