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Ethics on the Radio and TV

Global Ethics Forums are audio and video series that are custom-designed for televison and radio stations. They are free of charge, assuming the appropriate acknowledgement and notification to the...   Read More »

Bioethics news from around the world

BioEdge is a weekly newsletter about cutting-edge bioethical issues. Based in the Southern Hemisphere but speaking to the world, BioEdge is completely independent. It is designed and maintained by...   Read More »

Ethos. International Journal of Applied Ethics

Ethos. International Journal of Applied Ethics is pleased to announce this first issue focused on a four relevant disciplines derivates from Applied Ethics: Business Ethics, Bioethics, Ethics of...   Read More »

Morality and the social brain, October 14, 2009

Le débat philosophique sur les liens entre l'éthique et les faits concernant la nature humaine est très ancien. Il prend cependant une tournure nouvelle aujourd'hui, car les progrès des...   Read More »

TISS-IFLA Collaborative Workshops on Information Literacy Skills

It was deeply felt that the gap between the info-rich and info-poor societies is increasing day by day. However, a critical thinking and research done into this revealed that even if the...   Read More »

International Symposium of the Novartis Foundation, November 27, 2009

To strengthen the development policy dialog between the private sector, NGOs, research institutions and state bodies, the Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development organizes an international...   Read More »

TCK TCK TCK for Climate Justice

Become a Climate Ally, by recording and uploading yourself saying 'tck'. This will register you as someone who wants to see climate justice delivered. The aim is to create the biggest...   Read More »

EBEN Research Conference 2010, June 14-16

The EBEN RC 2010 focuses on research into the reasons why organizations should take business ethics seriously, by concentrating on the motivations, consequences and implications of business ethics....   Read More »

New EBEN President

The European Business Ethics Network EBEN has a new President   Read More »

Google Book Settlement: Important Update

On September 24, 2009 the Court issued an Order stating that the Final Fairness Hearing will not take place on October 7, 2009, and will be rescheduled for a later date in light of the...   Read More »
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