Scientific Partners

Latin American Business Ethics Network (ALENE)
ALENE is the Latin American Association of Business, Economics, and Ethics, that is formed by Ethics professors of business and practitioners that are interested in the Ethics values and in the business world.

ALENE was founded in 1998, during the 1st Latin-American Congress of Business, Economics, and Ethics, held in São Paulo , Brazil . This meeting was fundamental since university professors, researchers and practitioners from different countries attended.


Arigatou International
Arigatou International is an international faith-based NGO committed to building a better world for children.

An initiator and sustainer of partnership-based initiatives to secure child rights and foster children's well-being, Arigatou International seeks to maximize the potential of interfaith cooperation, and always strives to empower and involve children and youth. Ethics Education for Children promotes values and ethics for children and young people within the framework of the child's right to education as stated in the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. It utilizes an innovative approach to interfaith and intercultural learning in a value-based, quality education program for children and young people.


BEN-Africa The Business Ethics Network of Africa
BEN-Africa strengthens the commitment and competence of Africans to do business with moral integrity by facilitating interaction between academics and practitioners who share an interest in business ethics. The Network is committed to disseminate information, knowledge and expertise on business ethics to its members.

The Canadian Business Ethics Research Network (CBERN)
The Canadian Business Ethics Research Network (CBERN) mobilizes and profiles Canada's rich pool of business ethics expertise. CBERN creates opportunities for sharing and engaging in business ethics research across academic disciplines and faculties and draws university researchers into dialogue with leaders and researchers in business, government and the voluntary sector. 
CBERN strives to raise the visibility of business ethics research and leadership by:

  • Building research capacity;
  • Coordinating research initiatives;
  • Encouraging ethical business practices;
  • Highlighting the importance of linking economic development and societal well-being; and
  • Engaging the public in the discussion and evaluation of the issues and findings at the centre of the network's activities 


CEERE- the European Center for the Study and Teaching of Ethics

The European Center for the Study and Teaching of Ethics is:

A post-graduate teaching center offering Master of Ethics,  Ph.D. in Ethics and with the capacity to direct research in Ethics as an interdisciplinary research center. A place that offers a continuous education and life-long learning. A place to meet people and to organize seminars, symposia, workshops, conferences, debates, round tables, etc.

Winner of the first prize in Ethics, june 2008


EBEN European Business Ethics Network
EBEN is a European network specialized in business ethics. It is a cross-national network dedicated to the promotion of business ethics, broadly defined, in academia, business, public sector and civil society. The mission is to promote ethics and excellence in businesses, to increase awareness about ethical challenges in the global marketplace and to enable dialogue on the role of business in society.



  Global Corporate Governance Forum
The Global Corporate Governance Forum is an International Finance Corporation (IFC) multi-donor trust fund facility located in the Corporate Advice Department of the Business Advisory Services Vice Presidency that provides assistance to emerging markets and developing countries on corporate governance. The Forum was co-founded by the World Bank and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 1999.

The Forum promotes sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction within the framework of agreed international development targets. The Forum focuses on practical, targeted corporate governance initiatives at the local, regional and global level deploying tools and guidelines drawn from international best practices. 


IFLAS Institute for Leadership and Sustainability
The Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS) is emerging as a global hub of inquiryteaching, and 

dialogue on enabling the transition to more fair and sustainable societies. It's mission is to deliver research, education, events and advice to social, cultural, political and business professionals from around the world to better lead transitions to fair and sustainable societies.


Founded in 1975 in Bordeaux, INSEEC has developed over the past 40 years into a group of 16 schools, offering generalist and specialist programmes in management, finance, marketing, communication, digital, luxury and wines and spirits. These programmes are offered on nine campuses in Europe, in the United States and online. Located in the heart of cities such as Paris, London, San Francisco and Shanghai, by the seaside like in Monaco or Bordeaux, or close to the Alps in Lyon, Chambery and Geneva, INSEEC provides its 15,000 students the opportunity to study at bachelor and master degree levels including MSc, MBA or DBA qualifications.
The Chambery Campus proposes : 
Bachelor and MSc and MBA programmes in management, finance, luxury or communication
a Summer School on «How is Europe evolving? Why do you need to work successfully in Europe?» The 4-week programme, taking place in 2016 from 20 June until 15 July, focuses on European business and the tourism industry. The courses, all taught in English, provide insight into the development of European business. 
ISBEE International Society of Business, Economics and Ethics
The International Society of Business, Economics and Ethics is a world-wide professional association focusing exclusively on the study of business, economics, and ethics. Individual membership consists of academicians, managers of business firms and of not-for-profit organizations, and others who have an interest in business ethics.


Senate of Serampore College (University), India
The Senate of Serampore College (University) unites 50 colleges and seminaries all over India and Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Serampore College is the first University in this sub-continent to complete one hundred and ninety years of existence. The Royal Danish Charter of 1827 granted to Serampore College the power to grant degrees, diplomas and certificates in any branch of knowledge decades earlier than the establishment of universities in Calcutta, Madras and Bombay.
Serampore College provides collegiate education to students in the Faculties of Arts, Science and Commerce through affiliation with the University of Calcutta, and higher theological education to the ministers of the churches through its Faculty of Theology to affiliated colleges in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. In this decade leading to the bicentenary celebrations Serampore College recalls its past contributions and plans to meet the future needs.