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BA Climate Ethics


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BA Climate Ethics Special Collection

BA1 Reference Works

BA2 Institutional Documents

BA3 Climate Ethics Themes

BA4 Other



Classification tree


BA Climate Ethics Special Collection

BA1 Reference Works

BA11 Encyclopedias

BA12 Dictionaries

BA13 Bibliographies

BA14 Handbooks/Methodologies

BA15 Biographies

BA16 Theses and Dissertations


BA2 Institutional Documents

BA21 General

BA22 International and Intergovernmental Organisations

BA221 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

BA222 United Nations Institutions and Agencies

BA223 Others

BA23 Continental Governmental Organisations

BA231 Africa

BA232 Asia/Oceania

BA233 Europe

BA234 Latin America

BA235 North America

BA24 National Governments

BA241 Africa

BA242 Asia/Oceania

BA243 Europe

BA244 Latin America

BA245 North America

BA25 International Non-Governmental Organisations

BA26 Continental Non-Governmental Organisations

BA261 Africa

BA262 Asia/Oceania

BA263 Europe

BA264 Latin America

BA265 North America

BA27 National Non-Governmental Organisations

BA271 Africa


BA273 Europe

BA274 Latin Amrerica

BA275 North America

BA28 Other


BA3 Climate Ethics Themes

BA31 General

BA32 Climate Justice Principles

BA321 Generalities

BA322 Climate Justice Principles

BA323 Human Rights

BA324 Intergenerational Justice

BA325 Other

BA33 Climate and Sciences

BA331 General

BA332 Agriculture/Food

BA333 Biodiversity

BA334 Natural Resources

BA335 Technologies/Geoengineering

BA336 Climate skepticism/Science communication

BA337 Other

BA34 Climate and Development

BA341 General

BA342 Poverty

BA343 Refugees/Migration

BA344 Woman/Gender

BA345 Indigenous People

BA346 Peasants

BA347 Adaptation/Lifestyle Change

BA348 Demography

BA349 Other

BA35 Climate and Economy

BA351 General

BA352 Economic Development

BA353 Financing Climate Change

BA354 Emissions Trade

BA355 Trade

BA356 Other

BA36 Climate and Energy

BA361 General

BA362 Non Renewable Energy

BA363 Renewable Energy

BA364 Other

BA37 Climate and Politics

BA371 General

BA372 Global

BA373 Continental

BA3731 Africa

BA3732 Asia/Oceania

BA3733 Europe

BA3734 Latin America

BA3735 North America

BA374 National

BA3741 Africa

BA3742 Asia/Oceania

BA3743 Europe

BA3744 Latin America

BA3745 North America

BA375 Legal texts/Law

BA376 Other

BA38 Climate and Religion

BA381 General

BA382 Buddhist ethics

BA383 Christian ethics

BA3831 General

BA3832 Orthodox ethics

BA3833 Catholic ethics

BA3834 Protestant ethics

BA384 Confucian ethics

BA385 Hindu ethics

BA386 Islamic ethics

BA387 Jewish ethics

BA388 Interreligious ethics

BA389 Other


BA4 Other

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