Collection Description

BB Health Ethics 

Including more than 3'000 doctoral theses and overall 85'000 documents, the Health Ethics collection is a unique online resource covering topics related to health ethics such as pharmaceuticals, health economics, health politics, access to medical care, environmental issues and bioethics.  The collection has been totally updated in 2017.

Classification tree: Overview

BB     Health Ethics Special Collection
BB1   Reference Works
BB2   Institutional Documents/Laws/Regulations
BB3   Themes


Classification tree                                                               

BB1      Reference Works                                                                                                      
           BB11   Encyclopedias                                                                                    
           BB12   Dictionaries                                                                                        
           BB13   Bibliographies                                                                                     
           BB14   Handbooks/methodologies/theories                                                    
             BB15   Biographies
           BB18   Book reviews/Other
BB2       Institutional Documents/Laws/Regulations                                                   
           BB23   Businesses/Corporations
           BB26   Religious Institutions
           BB27   Research Institutions                                             

BB3      Themes                                                                                                             
           BB32   Health Ethics and Health Care                                                            
                       BB321   General
                       BB322   Therapeutic Approaches
                       BB325    Care for Specific Disease Groups
                       BB328    Philosophy and Medicine/Other
                       BB331    General                    
                       BB332    Human Subject Research/Human Experimentation  
                       BB341    General                    
                       BB342    Access to medicines
                       BB343    Pharmaceutical Education    
                       BB344    Drugs/Other                                               
           BB35   Health Ethics and Health Economics                                                   
                       BB351    General                    
                       BB352    Health Insurance
                       BB353    Allocation of resources
                         BB354    Minimal Universal Coverage
                       BB355    Other                                                           
                       BB361    General
                       BB364    Humanitarian Policy
                     BB366    International Health Regulations
                     BB368    International/Political Dimensions
                                      BB3681 General
                                      BB3682 ABC Weapons
                                      BB3686 Pandemics 
                                      BB3687 Donation/Trafficking of Organs
                                      BB3688 Development
                                      BB3689 Populism and the Politics of Health/other
                       BB369    Local/Other           
                           BB371    General        
                       BB381    General                    
                       BB382    Biotechnology/Animal/Plants
                       BB383    Biomedical/Bioengineering Ethics/human
                                      BB3831 General     
                                      BB3832  Beginning of Life/Reproductive Health/Abortion
                                      BB3833 Biobanking
                                      BB3834 Transplanted Organs/Tissues
                                      BB3835 Artificial/Prosthetic/Implantable Devices
                                      BB3836 Neurosciences/Neuroethics
                                        BB3837 End of Life/Death/Dying
                                        BB3838 Nanotechnology
                                        BB3839 Normality/Forensic/Bioinformation/Eugenism/Other
            BB384  Life Ethics and Health/Other

              BB39   Other

New Articles

De colonising knowledge: Biomedical beliefs and indigenous medical practice
Brain imaging tests for chronic pain: medical, legal and ethical issues and recommendations.
1980 House Bill 1587. An Act Providing For The Correction Of Certain Conditions In Unoccupied Buildings Which Are Detrimental To Public Safety, Health, Welfare Or Morals.
Environmental health disparities in the Central Appalachian region of the United States
Quality of current ischaemic stroke care practices in the Cape Metro Health District, South Africa