Collection Description

Chinese Ethics Collection

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This is an online collection of more than 7'000 documents on ethics in the Chinese context, for a large part in Chinese (4'900). Originally the collection was developed on the basis of documents written in or translated into Chinese. As first effort, documents were uploaded by in Hong Kong and Beijing, and collected by experts, including through the China regional programme at the Center for International Business Ethics in Beijing. Since 2018, the collection includes harvested documents on chinese ethics, including latest research done on that subject. Topics covered in the collection include bioethics, community ethics, cultural ethics, economic ethics, and environmental ethics, among other subjects.


            BD1 Global Ethics

            BD2 Methods of ethics
                     BD21 General and historical
                     BD22 Theological ethics
                     BD23 Philosophical ethics
                     BD24 Ethics of science

            BD3 Political Ethics
                     BD31 Ethics of political systems
                     BD32 Legal/rights ethics
                     BD33 Peace ethics
                     BD34 Governance and ethics
                     BD35 Development ethics

            BD4 Economic ethics
                     BD41 Business ethics
                     BD42 Ethics of economic systems
                     BD43 Labour/professional ethics
                     BD44 Technologies and Ethics
                     BD45 Trade ethics
                     BD46 Consumer ethics

             BD5 Cultural ethics
                      BD51 Media/communication ethics
                      BD52 Cultural/inter-cultural ethics
                      BD53 Sports ethics
                      BD54 Secularisation and ethics

             BD6 Religious ethics
                      BD61 Comparative religions ethics
                      BD62 Inter-religious dialogue and ethics
                      BD63 Spirituality and ethics

             BD7 Bio ethics
    BD71 Bioethics
                      BD72 Sexual ethics
                      BD73 Medical ethics
                      BD74 Health ethics

             BD8 Community ethics
                      BD81 Lifestyle ethics
                      BD82 Family ethics
                      BD83 Gender ethics
                      BD84 Education and ethics (incl. videos)
                      BD85 Ethnicity and ethics
                      BD86 Minority ethics

             BD9 Environmental ethics
                       BD91 Resources ethics
                       BD92 Biodiversity ethics
                       BD93 Animal ethics
                       BD94 Ethics of global commons

New Articles

Governing through ' the family' in China: the cultivation of ethical political subjects through officials' nearest and dearest
Negação do ego no budismo chinês ou orientações para uma ética do budismo humanista de Taiwan
On the thought of gender distinction in pre-Qin Confucian ethics = Xian Qin ru jia "nan nü you bie" lun li guan nian zhi yan jiu
Изучение даосизма: развитие отечественного китаеведения до 1917 года
Food production and ethics in Chinese cultures