Chinese Christianity | 中国基督教
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The Spirituality of Watchman Nee from a Neo-Confucian Perspective
Persistence and dignity in the face of absurdity: country teachers in Liu Xinglong's Tianxingzhe
The effects of contrasting world views on historical process: the example of the Jesuit Mission to China
Dos Imperis en contacte: la Monarquia Hispànica i la Xina. Anàlisi de les relacions diplomàtiques, pirateria i percepcions culturals
Taoism Through Tai Chi Chuan: Physical Culture as Religious or Holistic Spirituality?
Presbyterianism and social change in urban China
Notes on the influence of Portuguese culture in Japan (17th and 18th centuries): the legacy of European missionaries
Time Dependent Deformations and High Temperature Effects on Different Types of Concrete : Experimental and Numerical Studies
House Church: Investigating Chinese Urban Christians’ Choice of Religious Practicing Site in Wuhan, China
La modernité : une problématique ancienne ? Perspective d’un bonze du Haut Moyen Age chinois sur la perfection de l’âme, le salut de l’homme et le progrès scientifique en astronomie
1 2 3 . . . 3922