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This is a collection of ISBEE documents: conference papers of the ISBEE quadriennal conferences and newsletters.

The International Society of Business, Economics, and Ethics (ISBEE) is the first world-wide professional association to focus exclusively on the study of business, economics, and ethics. Its professional orientation involves people not only with academic competencies but also with practical competencies in responsible management positions (such as vice-presidents and issue managers) and entrepreneurs of medium-size and small companies. Individual membership consists of academicians, managers of business firms and of not-for-profit organizations, and others who have an interest in business ethics. Organizational membership includes companies and other organizations.

ISBEE developed in response to a felt need to bring together individuals in traditionally distinctive fields - economics, business, law, and philosophy - and different practical areas - human resources, marketing, finance, social and environmental concerns. What characterizes these individuals is their common interest in the ethical dimension of economic, social, and environmental issues that affect domestic and global firms and hence individuals and broader structures as well. The organization offers a global network of persons and organizations and a wide range of professional activities including quadrennial congresses, proceedings, and Web page.

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