Vision, Mission and Values

Promoting Values-driven Leadership for Life and Sustainable Development 



We believe that the sharing and living of values and virtues contributes to building sustainable, just and peaceful societies. We recognise the es-sential dignity of each person and the value of non-human beings and ecosystems.

VISION (Where we want to be)

We envision a world where people and especially leaders act according to ethical values and thus contribute to achieving the sustainable development goals.

MISSION (What we do to get to our vision)

  • We promote values-driven transformation for sustainable development through responsible leadership. 
  • We support empowering people from all continents - with religious and non-religious perspectives - for ethical dialogue, reflection and action. 
  • We focus on four target groups: education, public, religious and business;
  • We focus on four themes: educational ethics, public services ethics, economic/environmental ethics and (inter-) religious ethics;
  • We focus on four activities: Increase Knowledge through the online library; Encourage Dialogue through the online community and face-to-face encounters; Promote Reflection by global collaborative research, conferences and publications; and Support Action through selected projects, ser-vices, education, training and certification.

VALUES (What we bring to the mission)

Responsibility: We strengthen responsible decisions and actions in private, professional and public life.
Sharing: We promote the mutual sharing of global and contextual ethical concerns and perspectives.
Respect: We respect and affirm the dignity of every person and the diversity of cultures, religions and life orientations.
Inclusion: We are engaged in overcoming the exclusion of the marginalised and in nurturing inclusive, participatory societies .
Justice/Fairness: We promote equality and justice especially in regard to access to resources and we support gender equality and balance. 
Integrity: We are committed to integrity, honesty, openness, transparency and accountability which build trust.