Vision and Mission

Dialogue, reflection and action for responsible leadership

Founding Conviction

(Why we exist)

We believe that access to knowledge resources on ethics and values in all regions of the world will enhance ethical reflection, action and cooperation locally and globally.


(where we want to be)

The leading global platform for exchange of and research on ethics and values.


(what we do to get to our vision)

We empower people from all regions of the world, especially in developing and transition countries, for ethical dialogue, reflection and action by:

  • Providing access to knowledge resources on ethics through our Global Digital Library on Ethics
  • Facilitating networking on ethics in our online community of persons and organizations
  • Stimulating global collaborative research on selected fields such as business ethics, interreligious ethics and responsible leadership


(Convictions in implementing the mission)

Sharing: We promote the mutual sharing of global and contextual ethical concerns and perspectives.
Respect: We respect and affirm the dignity of every person and the diversity of cultures, religions and life orientations.
Participation: We value the participation of people from all regions of the world.
Responsibility: We encourage responsible use of, and responsible contributions to our knowledge resources and network.
Transparency: We are committed to honesty, openness, transparency and accountability which build trust.

We believe that value-oriented behaviour improves lives and societies.

Approved by the Board of Foundation, 25 January 2009

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