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The Globethics.net Libraries are digital libraries that offer registered users electronic access free-of-charge to thousands of full-text documents on ethics and related disciplines. Participants also have the possibility to submit their own documents to the libraries.


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New Credo Mind Map

You can access a huge range of encyclopaedias,dictionaries, biographies and handbooks in applied ethics by using the new Credo Mind Map . The Credo brainstorming tool can be used to find...   Read More »

How to simple search combining three logical operators

How to use OR, AND, NOT in Globethics.net search OR denotes a disjunction, AND a conjunction, NOT a negation. They can express different meanings:    ...   Read More »

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You can change your Globethics.net login password or request for your password if you have lost it in a very simple way.    A three steps process should solve your issue. ...   Read More »

More Info

The Global Digital Library on Ethics (GlobeEthicsLib) was launched in 2008. It is the leading global online library on ethics. Globethics.net is now building up further libraries on related disciplines.

As a first step, a Global Digital Library on Theology and Ecumenism (GlobeTheoLib) was inaugurated in 2011. It is planned that this should be followed by further digital libraries, including on Islamic Theology and on Philosophy.

Globethics.net acted as the implementing partner for the first phase of the African Online Library on Law and Governance (African Law Library).

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