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Call for Papers: Status of self-awareness in Buddhist thought - 1 May

The International Society for Buddhist Philosophy (ISBP) is soliciting paper proposals for a panel on the status of self-awareness (svasaṃvedanā) in Buddhist thought, in the group meeting at the...

Call for Papers: The Ethics of Cyber Conflicts - 1 April

In the age of the so-called information revolution, the ability to control, disrupt or manipulate the enemy’s information infrastructure has become as decisive as weapon superiority with respect to...

Conference: The Ethics of Citizenship in the 21st Century - 30-31 May

Since the emergence of the Athenian polis over two millennia ago, the concept of citizenship has played a central role in the self-understanding and internal organization of Western societies.

Call for Papers: Why Charity? The politics and ethics of charity - 19 May

Helping others in need through charitable giving and work is surely just obviously a good thing. If we see that someone is starving and we have some food going spare, then it seems self-evident...

Call for Papers: Phenomenology and the Environment - 2 June

In the last ten years there has been an explosion of writing about the contributions phenomenology can make to our understanding of the environment. The volume, proposed by Rowman &...
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