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New Globethics.net publication: La gouvernance éthique des eaux transfrontalières: le cas du lac de Tanganyika en Afrique (2015)

Le monde connaît plus de deux cents bassins internationaux. Cette étude rend compte des divers facteurs expliquant le retard à adopter une bonne gouvernance visant la conservation de la...   Read More »

New Globethics.net publication: Corruption in Africa: A Threat to Justice and Sustainable Peace (2014)

Corruption has always existed in different forms, and is not determined by politics or geography. While the manifestations of corruption are limitless, its roots seem to be identifiable in the...   Read More »

New Globethics Publication: De la violence à la réconciliation: Pour une éthique d'humanisation de la violence

This book (in French) is an invitation to humanise violence. Pardon leads to reconciliation and this is humanisation of violence as long as the concept of reconciliation means becoming the other....   Read More »

New Globethics Publication: Ethical Dilemmas in the Information Society. Codes of Ethics for Librarians and Archivists

Information Ethics concerns the values and applications of how information is made, treated, organized, and made available for users. The articles published in this volume reflect the work of...   Read More »

New Globethics Publication: Equal in an Unequal World: The Value of Values in Responsible Business

The Global Ethics Forum 2014 discussed the multidimensional challenges of inequality and explored good practices and possibilities for tackling them, such as a sharing economy, corporate...   Read More »
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