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More or Less Equal. How Digital Platforms Can Help Advance Communication Rights (2014)

Today's digital platforms offer the tantalizing possibility of learning and taking into account opinions from the margins that contradict the dominant voices in the public sphere. The concept...   Read More »

Legal Ethics and Professionalism. A Handbook for Uganda (2014)

Legal ethics and professionalism are at the core of legal practice. Advocates must know the requirements of the profession. In addition, being an ethical and professional advocate is about more...   Read More »

Justice climatique et interdiction de nuire (2014)

Justice climatique et interdiction de nuire constitue une synthèse interdisciplinaire d'une ampleur rare. L'auteur a médité les thèmes clés des sciences de l'environnement dont il...   Read More »

Launch of the 5th edition of the Ethics in Finance Robin Cosgrove Prize for 2014-2015

The ETHICS IN FINANCE - ROBIN COSGROVE PRIZE for 2014-2015 was launched in London on 10 October 2014 at ACCA Global. The global Prize aims to promote greater awareness of the importance...   Read More »

"Trust and Ethics in Finance": Recommended reading by The World Bank for its 2014 Flagship Seminars is pleased to inform you that one of its publications was a recommended reading by the World Bank for its Flagship Seminars that took place during the 2014 World Bank Annual...   Read More »
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