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New!  Essential Approaches to Christian Religious Education: Learning and Teaching in Uganda (2018)
Christopher Byaruhanga
ISBN Praxis No. 9

Teaching Christian religious education at the lower secondary school level is complex. It involves the interweaving of content knowledge, pedagogical skills, a knowledge and appreciation of the multifaceted nature of students and finally the evaluation skills that help the teacher to arrive at the conclusion that the intended key learning outcomes have been achieved. Personal characteristics too are integral in the overall portrait of a professional Christian religious education teacher, especially for those people who believe that today there is the paradigm shift between providing instruction and producing learning between imparting knowledge and facilitating learning. An examination of the available literature reveals that many books have been written about how religion should be taught in schools. This book is not about any particular religion; it addresses the deficiency of materials related directly to the essential approaches that should be employed when teaching Christian religious education at the lower secondary school level in Uganda.

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New! In the Shadows of Truth: The Polarized Family (2017)
Elly K. Kansiime
ISBN Praxis No. 8

In this book the author deals with the hidden realities posed by parents who spend much of their time occupied with work and leisure, while the children are left to their to their own devices. In the course of these long time period of separation, children build inappropriate relationships and indulge in detrimental practices that pose both short- and long-terms effects to themselves and the family at large.
This book therefore focuses on parental ethical roles in the Uganda African context. It is a very moving family ethical exposition that will build up parents and help them to rethink their approach to family practises. It is a book intended to raise awareness of the subtle dangers that unintentional neglect can cause, potentially damaging their families and their children's future.

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Way-Markers II: 111 Reflections Exploring Ethics in Everyday Life (2016)
Christoph Stückelberger
ISBN Praxis No. 7

Exploring ethical orientation in everyday life, in political-economic developments and in spiritual questions: This is what these 111 short texts intend to stimulate. They include seven clusters of themes: Creation, meaning and the senses; Good and evil, virtue and vice; Life, energy and being human; Relationships, love and sexuality; Poverty, wealth and justice; Economics, Politics and Globalisation; Faith, church and spirituality. The texts are rooted in Christian ethics. At the same time, they are intended as an invitation to interreligious openness and cooperation with all people of good will. To live out one's own values, to respect other values and to strengthen common global values: Let us dance this dance of life, together with the whole of creation!

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Weg-Zeichen II: 111 Denkanstösse für Ethik im Alltag (2016)
Christoph Stückelberger
ISBN Praxis No. 7

In Alltagserlebnissen, politisch-wirtschaftlichen Entwicklungen und spirituellen Fragen ethische Orientierung finden: Dazu möchten diese 111 Kurztexte anregen. Sie kreisen um Themen wie Schöpfung, Sinne und Sinn; Gut und Böse; Leben, Lebensstrom und Menschsein; Beziehungen, Liebe und Sexualität; Armut, Reichtum und Gerechtigkeit; Wirtschaft, Politik und Globalisierung; Glaube, Kirche und Spiritualität. Die Texte sind verwurzelt in der christlichen Ethik. Gleichzeitig wollen sie zur interreligiösen Offenheit und Kooperation mit allen Menschen einladen. Die eigenen Werte leben, andere Werte respektieren und gemeinsam globale Werte stärken: Lasst uns gemeinsam - und mit der gesamten Schöpfung - diesen Tanz des Lebens tanzen.

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Keragaman Yang Mempersatukan (2016) 
Y. Sumardiyanto / Tituk Romadlona Fauziyah (eds.)
ISBN 978-2-88931-134-7- Praxis No. 6

This book is the work of high school teachers involved in a writing workshop, facilitated by Y. Sumardiyanto and Tituk Romadlona Fauziyah on the topic of ethics in a multicultural society. The book is expected to be reading about ethics for the youth in Indonesia and could be a useful contribution to the contemporary Indonesian society.

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Manual Etika Lintas Agama Untuk Indonesia (2015)
Nina Mariani Noor (ed.)
ISBN 978-2-940428-84-7- Praxis No. 5

This " Interreligious Ethics Manual for Indonesia" consists of five papers. Three papers discuss the ethical prerequisites needed to develop more conducive conditions for people of different religious traditions to live together, in shared public spaces in general, in universities and also in print and online through journalism. The other two papers provide concrete examples of ethical issues in interreligious marriage and in journalism. As a manual, this book completes the volume "Social Ethics in interreligious interaction", which is a more theoretical text. The manual is deliberately written in a more accessible way to be used as a resource during training programmes for community groups at different levels. Hopefully this book can make a valuable contribution to Indonesian's pluralistic society of today, enabling better interaction with others and fostering respect.

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Pleure, Ô Noir, frère bien-aimé: Anthologie de textes de Patrice-Émery Lumumba (2015)
Rodrigue Buchakuzi Kanefu (éd.)
ISBN 978-2-88931-059-3- Praxis No. 4

Ce livre rassemble des textes essentiels de Patrice-Émery Lumumba, Premier Ministre du premier gouvernement de la RD Congo après l'indépendance, assassiné après sept mois en fonction. L'anthologie est destinée à l'éducation politique et humaine de la jeunesse pour les valeurs de la liberté, de la justice, du courage, de l'intégrité et des droits de l'homme en RDC comme dans le monde. Patrice-Émery Lumumba est un levier pour rêver d'une nouvelle destinée pour le Congo.

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Proverbes du Bénin. Sagesse éthique appliquée de proverbes africains (2015)
Angèle Kolouchè Biao, Aurélien Atidegla (éds.)
ISBN 978-2-88931-067-8 - Praxis No. 3

Les proverbes sont « les trésors de l'Afrique ». En Afrique, on estime actuellement le nombre des proverbes à plus de 10 millions. Le plus souvent introuvables sous forme écrite, ces proverbes circulent sous forme orale. Les proverbes sont une contribution africaine à l'éthique et aux valeurs globales. Ce recueil contient 95 proverbes du Bénin et de l'Afrique de l'Ouest, tous choisis par de jeunes gens. Ils sont édités dans leur langue d'origine (Yoruba, Fon, Bariba, Dendi), avec une traduction et un bref commentaire en français et anglais. Manne pour la pensée quotidienne.

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Way-Markers: 100 Reflections Exploring Ethics in Everyday Life (2014)
Christoph Stückelberger
ISBN 978-2-940428-74-0 - Praxis No. 2

Listen carefully to your inner voice while paying attention to others. Continue your nimble dance through life. Be inspired to discover new perspectives. Despite personal, professional and social squalls and storms, look for the markers at the wayside and use your inner compass to keep to your path. The short texts in this booklet offer reflections for orientation. Ethics from everyday life for everyday life. Join the dance.

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Weg-Zeichen: 100 Denkanstösse für Ethik im Alltag (2013)
Christoph Stückelberger
ISBN 978-2-940428-76-2 - Praxis No. 2

Achtsam auf die innere Stimme hören und sich den andern zuwenden. Leichtfüssig und tanzend durchs Leben gehen. Beschwingt auf Flügeln neue Horizonte entdecken. Und trotz persönlicher, beruflicher und gesellschaftlicher Winde und Stürme die Zeichen am Weg-Rand erkennen und mit dem inneren Kompass die Richtung beibehalten. Dazu möchten die folgenden Denkanstösse einladen. Aus dem Alltag und für den Alltag. Tanzen Sie mit.

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Responsible Leadership Handbook: For Staff and Boards (2014)
Christoph Stückelberger
ISBN 978-2-88931-018-0 - Praxis No. 1

Responsible leadership is a key factor for performance, success, credibility, reputation and sustainability of each leader and organisation. Responsible leadership in this book means the values-driven use of power in order to define and reach ethical goals for all human beings and the whole creation and to implement the defined values. This book is based on Christian values and can be easily adapted for other religious or nonreligious leadership trainings. Responsible leaders are people with values from different backgrounds. They contribute to global values. This handbook offers ethical and spiritual reflections and practical checklists, an ethics code of leadership and five modules for training of staff and board members. Rрусская онлайн версия (Russian version).

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Практикум по ответственному лидерству (2015)
Кристоф Штукельбергер
ISBN 978-2-88931-093-7- Praxis No. 1

Ответственное лидерство является ключевым фактором эффективности, успешности, авторитета, репутации и устойчивого развития каждого лидера и организации. В данной книге ответственное лидерство трактуется как ценностно ориентированное использование власти в целях определения и достижения этических целей для всех людей и всего сущего, а также для внедрения определенных ценностей. Данная книга основывается на христианских ценностях и может быть легко адаптирована для других религиозных и не религиозных образовательных программ. Ответственные лидеры — это люди, разделяющие и соответствующие глобальным ценностям, присущим различным слоям общества. Эта книга предлагает ознакомиться с этическими и духовными размышлениями, а также практическую часть для занятий, концепцию этичного лидерства и пять модулей для подготовки сотрудников и руководителей (версия для печати English version).