Globethics Academy: Online Courses on Ethics

Discover our online course on responsible leadership
with 14 lectures from all continents



The Globethics Academy is a project developed by with the aim of offering online courses on ethics. The project brings together ethicists from all around the world to lecture on various topics in the field of ethics from diverse points of view.

The first series of online courses is on Responsible Leadership. envisaged in its Strategy 2012-2015 to offer and support selected training tools, webinars, online teaching and curricula material on ethics in relation to its subjects and whenever possible in cooperation with its partners. The Board approved in 2013 the concept of ' Online Ethics Education'. Furthermore, Strategy 2016-2020 developed the concept of ethics education further and made it one of its main themes among (educational ethics, public services ethics, economic ethics and inter-religious ethics and the main focus for the five-year strategic period.

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