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GlobeTheoLib Newsletter December 2016

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Welcome to this edition of the GlobeTheoLib newsletter with news about activities, projects and developments linked to the Global Digital Library on Theology in Ecumenism.

GlobeTheoLib held its Consortium meeting in September, exactly 5 years after its foundation in September 2011
It looked back to the beginnings and celebrated its achievements, while prospecting for future developments and projects.
There have been many changes since the last edition of the Newsletter in February 2015, among the staff at the head office in Geneva, and also among the membership of the Consortium and partners of GlobeTheoLib. The Consortium meeting in September was the first meeting under the leadership of Prof. Dr Obiora Ike, new Executive Director of, who succeeded Prof. Dr Christoph Stückelberger in July 2016, and of Prof. Dr Amélé Ekué, Programme Executive for Ecumenical Theological Education at the World Council of Churches.
It was also my first meeting, as new Programme Executive Online Library at, taking over the role of Dr Stephen Brown as head of the Library in February this year after more than 13 years of service in the World Council of Churches Library, thus getting more deeply involved in the operational business of GlobeTheoLib.  
This newsletter also includes information on new content in the Library, forthcoming events, and recent publications from related to theology. I hope that you enjoy the Newsletter.
Andreas Waldvogel, Programme Executive Online Library

Consortium meeting 9-10 September 2016, Geneva

GlobeTheoLibe Consortium Committee 2016 group picture

Members, officers and guests of the GlobeTheoLib Consortium at their meeting 
© Photo: - September 2016

New strategy 2017-2020: Towards a fully ecumenical, global and sustainable online library

The international Consortium, the governing board of GlobeTheoLib met from 9 to 10 September 2016, at the Ecumenical Centre, in Geneva, Switzerland. It brought together 20 representatives from Consortium members, including guests from partner institutions, and members of staff, to assess the work completed since its last meeting in March 2015. The main focus of the meeting was to set the strategic directions for the next four years (2017-2020), to exchange and learn about future projects and also to celebrate the 5th anniversary of GlobeTheoLib. The anniversary was marked with the launch of a timely publication on "Ecotheology, Climate Justice and Food Security-Resources and Theological Perspectives for Theological Education and Christian Leadership" in the presence of one of the editors, Dr Dietrich Werner. The volume is the fruit of a three-year study process aimad at mapping the current situation of training, teaching and research on these burning issues in theological education, ecumenical formation and Christian leadership development. The process concluded with the International Ecumenical Consultation on "Eco-theology, Climate Justice and Food Security", held from 10 to 13 March 2016, at Volos Academy for Theological Studies in Greece.
The Consortium also adopted the budget plan for the next three years and an amendment to the Consortium agreement, due to a change in the composition of the Project Leadership. 
The GlobeTheoLib strategy paper and the Consortium agreement are available for download at: 
Photos from the meeting provided by the communications office can be found here:
The next Consortium meeting is planned for 13 to 14 April 2018.

Staff changes at GlobeTheoLib

Dr Stephen Brown, who served as Programme Executive for GlobeTheoLib since April 2011, and in the capacity of Programme Director for Online Libraries and Digital innovation as of December 2014, resigned at the end of 2015. He has been succeeded by Andreas Waldvogel, in the role of full time Programme Executive Online Library, with a special responsibility for GlobeTheoLib as of February 2016, while also taking up the position of Ms Victória Kóczián, who was in charge of GlobeTheoLib from April to December 2015. The Library team is now composed of a full time e-Librarian and two part time Library staff, Dr Ignace Haaz, Programme Executive Online Ethics Library, and Ms Anja Andriamasy, Library Assistant, both working at 40%.



New Library content

The GlobeTheoLib Library now has more than 1.7 million documents, with about 1.4 million from open sources. Since early 2016 is equipped with a powerful, state of the art Open Access Initiative (OAI) harvesting system, allowing to harvest data from more than 4,000 OAI repositories and 120 mio. documents worldwide.  
Also the Library offers free access to new commercial sources:
Global Directory of Theological Education Institutions: Call for update
The Global Directory of Theological Education Institutions (GDTE) was launched in February 2013 as a joint project of, the World Council of Churches Ecumenical Theological Education (WCC/ETE) programme, the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and the Institute for Cross-Cultural Theological Education of McCormick Theological Seminary. It has over 7,000 theological education Institutions worldwide that can be searched online at: after logging in. 
This database needs to be regularly updated. We invite you to look at your entry, and tell us, if you need administrator rights to update the entry, or if your institution is missing in the directory, to ask that it be added to the directory, and to share this important data source among your friends and networks. More information and instructions on how to create or update your entry here:  
In conjunction with the launch of the publication "Ecotheology, Climate justice and Food Security" we developed an online collection with now more than 80,000 documents pertaining to these issues, in many languages. Read more:  


Forthcoming events

GETI'17 - Global Ecumenical Theological Institute Europe: Berlin, 19 May to 1 June 2017, organised in conjunction with the Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag and the Reformation jubilee 2017 taking place at the same time.   
GETI'17 is an initiative for ecumenical education in Europe and worldwide under the patronage of the Conference of European Churches (CEC). It addresses advanced theology students from all over the world who are studying in Europe. The concrete encounter and joint studies that take place at GETI'17 will contribute to a European network of contacts and strengthen the mutual perception of European and migrant churches. Participants shall study and experience the horizons of ecumenical theology and ecclesiology. The content orientation of GETI' 17 can be summarised by three key phrases: Reforming Theology - Migrating Church - Tranforming Society. More information:
Global Institute of Theology (GIT), Wuppertal and Leipzig, Germany, from 9 June to 7 July 2017, organised by the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC), in the context of its 2017 General Council.
The GIT is an intensive short-term academic programme designed to give theological students and faculty from all over the world an opportunity to learn, teach, and do theology in an inter-contextual and ecumenical way. The programme situates the theological task in local, regional and world contexts, living together and learning as a global community in the context of the 2017 General Council of the World Communion of Reformed Churches. More information: 
GETI'18 - Global Ecumencial Theological Institute: "Translating the word, transforming the world" will take place in Arusha, Tanzania from 5 to 13 March 2018. It is being organised by the department of Ecumenical Theological Education of the World Council of Churches and will be held in accompaniment of the World mission conference in Arusha. More information can be obtained through the department on Ecumenical Theological Education. (

New books from is also a publisher, and among recent publications are the following titles relevant to those interested in theology, religious studies or religious ethics. All titles may be downloaded in PDF format free of charge or print copies can be ordered from the publications page:
Global Series
Books on ethical issues with global relevance and contextual perspectives. Each volume includes contributions from at least two continents and with two editors, often one from the global South and one from the global North.

Eco-Theology, Climate Justice and Food Security (2016). Editors: Dietrich Werner / Elisabeth Jeglitzka, ISBN 978-2-88931-144-6 ( Global 14), Link to download: 

Since climate change and ecological destruction are becoming more and more menacing for humanity, climate issues provide a global challenge that should be reflected also in theological education and formation worldwide. This publication brings together a pertinent collection of perspectives and resources for theological education and Christian leadership development, authored by leading experts from around the globe that were presented during the Volos study consultation, marking the end of a three-year study on eco-theology, climate justice and food security.
Focus Series
Each volume in this series focuses on a current ethical issue with global relevance and usually has a single author.
Gerechtigkeit für Alle: Religiöser Sozialismus in Mission und Entwicklung (2016). Karl Wilhelm Rennstich.  ISBN 978-2-88931-140-8. Link to download: 
Christliche Missionen, Bewegungen und Pioniere von den Klöstern bis zum Widerstand im Dritten Reich und Missions-Handelsunternehmen haben sich innovativ für Gerechtigkeit und Entwicklung eingesetzt. Exemplarisch, sehr faktenreich und sorgfältig zeigt das Werk dieses mutige Gerechtigkeitsstreben an ausgewählten, besonders protestantischen, Pionieren, Missionen, Unternehmen und Bewegungen in Europa, Afrika, Amerika, China, Japan und deren weltweiten Ausstrahlung auf. Sie werden wie ein roter Faden als Religiöser Sozialismus - Gerechtigkeit aus religiöser Motivation - dargelegt. Eine reiche Quelle zur Missionsgeschichte, Entwicklungsethik, Gerechtigkeitspraxis, christlichen Unternehmensethik, Wirtschafts- und Handelsgeschichte und des Religiösen Sozialismus. Eine Orientierungshilfe und ein Hoffnungsbuch von Christen und Christinnen mit Vision, Glaubensstärke, Mut und strategischer Weisheit, um diese Welt in Richtung „Gerechtigkeit für alle" zu bewegen.
Thesis series
Publication of doctoral thesis on ethics from the South.
Les fondements éthiques du féminisme: réflexions à partir du contexte africain (2016). Fifamè Fidèle Houssou Gandonou. ISBN 978-2-88931-138-5 ( Theses No. 22). Link to download: 
Qu'y a-t-il d'inacceptable aujourd'hui, en Afrique comme ailleurs, dans la condition féminine? Le féminisme bien compris est une réponse à cette question et un effort pratique pour relever le défi d'une injustice criarde, qui maintient la femme dans l'infériorité. L'auteure de cette dissertation présente la clé de compréhension de ce problème social comme une variante du combat contre l'inégalité, où l'éthique déontologique universelle est centrale avec son exigence de dignité pour tous. La première partie du texte évoque la condition féminine en Afrique, la seconde présente l'histoire et l'évolution du féminisme sous différentes formes, enfin la troisième partie, intitulée "Le féminisme, une question éthique et théologique" se concentre sur la déconstruction de l'éthique classique épurée de toute idéologie masculiniste. 
Praxis Series
Handbooks on practical ethics and educational tools
Weg-Zeichen: 111 Denkanstösse für Ethik im Alltag. Christoph Stückelberger. ISBN 978-2-88931-147-7 (Praxis Series No. 7). Link to download: 
In Alltagserlebnissen, politisch-wirtschaftlichen Entwicklungen und spirituellen Fragen ethische Orientierung finden: Dazu möchten diese 111 Kurztexte anregen. Sie kreisen um Themen wie Schöpfung, Sinne und Sinn; Gut und Böse; Leben, Lebensstrom und Menschsein; Beziehungen, Liebe und Sexualität; Armut, Reichtum und Gerechtigkeit; Wirtschaft, Politik und Globalisierung; Glaube, Kirche und Spiritualität. Die Texte sind verwurzelt in der christlichen Ethik. Gleichzeitig wollen sie zur interreligiösen Offenheit und Kooperation mit allen Menschen einladen. Die eigenen Werte leben, andere Werte respektieren und gemeinsam globale Werte stärken: Lasst uns gemeinsam - und mit der gesamten Schöpfung 
Texts Series
Short statements or guidelines on ethics topics
Religions for Climate Justice: International Interfaith Statements 2008-2014 (2014). ISBN 978-2-88931-006-7 ( Texts No. 3). Link to download: 
Religions and faith communities on all continents have been engaged for life and climate justice formany years. The common threat to humanity leads to clear interfaith calls to politicians to act more courageously. In this publication, nine international and interfaith statements from 2008 to September 2014 are collected.
China Christian Series
Publications from and with partners in China, in Chinese and/or English
Entrepreneurs with Christian Values. Training Handbook for 12 Modules (2016). Christoph Stückelberger, Cui Wantian, Teodorina Lessidrenska, Wang Dan, Liu Yang, Zhang Yu. ISBN 978-2-88931-142-2 ( China Christian No. 3). Link to download:
Entrepreneurs with Christian values are committed to be faithful to their vision, values and convictions. They decide about profit, people, power and the planet in the light of their values. This handbook is based on Christian values and has a focus on sustainability and a geographic focus on China.
The 12 topics are; 1) Christian Faith and Values, 2) Employees, 3) Governance, 4) Management, 5) Product and Marketing, 6) Performance and Profit, 7) Innovation, 8) Investments, 9) Environment, 10) Law, 11) Community and 12) Competitiveness.
The handbook is the result of an international cooperation between and the Kingdom Business College (KBC) in China. Chinese Christian entrepreneurs gave important inputs. It is a handbook for trainers, students and persons with leadership responsibility in companies.
CEC Series
Edition CEC (Conference of European Churches) at
Advancing Freedom of Religion or Belief for All (2016). Elizabeta Kitanovic and Fr Aimilianos Bogiannou (Eds.). ISBN 978-2-88931-136-1. Link to download: 
Issues relating to freedom of religion or belief affect all people in all societies, and require coordinated political, legal, and theological responses. In September 2015 at the shuttered Theological School of Halki —human rights experts, scholars, policymakers, and theologians came together to advance this important dialogue and share best practices. Together the contributions from this conference gathered here give a contemporary and interdisciplinary perspective on this critical human rights issue. This collection of essays is indispensable reading for all those interested in the future of faith in an increasingly multicultural and multireligious Europe.
CEC Flash Series
Booklets realised in cooperation with the Conference of European Churches. This series provides tools for reflection and action for the European Churches and for the European political institutions, focusing on ethical and theological perspectives in Europe and on human rights.
The New CEC: The Churches' Engagement with a Changing Europe (2015). Guy Liagre (ed.). ISBN 978-2-88931-072-2 (CEC Flash 1). Link to download: 
In 2014 the Conference of European Churches celebrated a historic merger with the Church and Society Commission, bringing together two of the oldest and broadest ecumenical organisations in Europe. Now at this turning point, in the midst of an ever-changing Europe, CEC must articulate a new vision for its future. In a series of inspiring and relevant essays, leaders from the church and the world of European politics offer insight into what it means to be a Conference of European Churches in 21st century Europe.
Readers series
Current social and ethical challenges and trends in ethics are important for all of us who are interested for continuing ethical formation. Providing life-long contribution by keynote experts in the form of a simple and easily shareable handbook, Readers Series is engaged with key social ethical issues in the context of rapidly changing society in a globalised world.
Global Ethics Applied: vol. 4 Bioethics, Religion, Leadership (2016). Christoph Stückelberger. ISBN 978-2-88931-130-9 ( Readers No. 4). Link to download: 
‘Global Ethics Applied' in four volumes is a reader of 88 selected articles from the author on 13 domains. Vol. 4 focuses on Bioethics and Medical Ethics, Family Ethics and Sexual Ethics, Leadership Ethics, Theological Ethics and Ecclesiology, Methods of Ethics. It concludes with the extended Bibliography of the author. Most of the articles are in English, some in German or French with English summaries. The articles focus on concrete current topics and are addressed to practitioners, decision-makers in all sectors as well as academic teachers and students.

GlobeTheoLib wishes you a blessed Advent and Christmas season and a Happy New Year!



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