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GlobeTheoLib participants are able to use the facilities of to engage in short term or longer term research projects and to share research with other participants.

New: Results of the Global Survey on Theological Education

The Global Survey on Theological Education was designed to gather data and perspectives on all forms of theological education from every Christian tradition in every part of the world. The Survey was launched in October 2011 (at the Global Christian Forum meeting in Indonesia) and concluded in June 2013. In this 21-month period, more than 1'650 theological educators and other church leaders concerned with theological education and preparation for ministry responded to the Survey. More >> research areas

The International Secretariat coordinates a number of research projects in addition to the self-initiated projects of the workgroups and the collaborative research projects amongst participants in the network. In these research projects the International Secretariat concentrates on four areas:

Online workgroups to engage in research with other participants

GlobeTheoLib participants have the possibility to use the online workgroup facilities of to engage in research projects and to share the results with other participants. More information about online workgroups

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