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Attitudes to Evolution amongst Christians, Muslims and the Non-Religious in Britain: Differential Effects of Religious and Educational Factors
The Process of Secularization of Spanish Society (1960-2010): Between History and Memory
Religious motivation, nepotism and conflict management in Jordan
Preparing the Almohad caliphate: the Almoravids
Between integrity and segregation. “The violence and the socio-economic conflicts in the Jewish quarter of Inca (Mallorca, 14th century)”
Economy of war and cross-cultural trade in the border of the Eastern Mediterranean. The island of Rhodes in the mid-fifteenth century
Francesc Eiximenis and the School Policy of the city of Valencia (1389-1412)
Jews and conversos artisans of silk in medieval Valencia
Police Engagement with Muslim Communities: Breaking Out, Breaking In, and Breaking Through
Pedagogy of hate
1 2 3 . . . 17064