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The grandmother in recent Austrian literature: Peter Henisch, Eine sehr kleine Frau (2007) and Melitta Breznik, Das Umstellformat (2002)
Amor, modo de glosar: sobre escavar as terras dos corpos e das línguas
Metastatic Tumors to Craniofacial Skeleton: Analysis of Two Cases and Review of the Literature
Galaxy Zoo: secular evolution of barred galaxies from structural decomposition of multiband images
The Holy Spirit as the Loving Bond between the Father and the Son: A Case of Receptive Ecumenism in Orthodox Theology?
Uncovering Ancient Editing : Documented Evidence of Changes in Joshua 24 and Related Texts
Training of adolescent multipliers from the perspective of health promotion core competencies
Knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes of older women in HIV/AIDS prevention
A conceptual framework for Islamic institutional and retail investment in maritime assets
Molukse theologie in Nederland: Agama Nunusaku en bekering
1 2 3 . . . 243032