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Argumentation by Quotations : The Rhetorical Functions of Scriptural Quotations in Romans
Ympäristö ylittää oppiainerajat : Arvolatautuneisuus ja monialaisuus koulun ympäristöopetuksen haasteina
The Association of Religious Affiliation and Pyschosocial/Family Dynamics with Selected Risky Behaviors Among At-risk Youth Living in the Slums of Kampala, Uganda: Findings from the Kampala Youth Surv...
Introduction : The Assyrian Genocide Across History: Collective Memory, Legal Theory, and Power Politics
Exile or Extinction: the Assyrian Genocide from 1915 to 2015
Jose Ocasio-Christian
•‘Análise da “Pior Forma de Governo” no Início da Inglaterra Moderna: A Democracia Entre a Popularidade, o Radicalismo Religioso e o Inculto Homo Democraticus’ [orig.: ‘Analysing “the Worst Form of Go...
Correlation between education and workmanship: A case study of Muslim artisans of Aligarh lock industry
Legal vocabulary in Early English translations of the Bible: a study of Johannine Terms
1 2 3 . . . 243865