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 Institute of Sino-Christian Studies ISCS (Hong Kong)


About this Institutional Collection

Collection of selected titles published or co-published by the Institute of Sino-
Christian Studies (ISCS), Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong, S.A.R.

The research institute goes back to the "Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre", founded by the
Norwegian missionary and Sinologist Dr. Karl Ludvig Reichelt (1877-1952) in 1930 to
promote the contextualization of Christian theology in Chinese culture and to further develop
dialogue with other cultures and religions. In 1995, the "Institute of Sino-Christian Studies"
formally came into being as a non-profit academic institute registered with the Government
of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and is directed by Dr Daniel Yeung. (see

Monograph series

1. Institute of Sino-Christian Studies Monograph Series:1(1997)-39(2010) icpl.
2. Chinese Academic Library of Christian Thought (Ancient Series):vol. 102(1995) ; 106(1998)
3. Biblical Literature Studies: 1(2007)-11(2015) ; co-published with the Institute of Biblical Literature Research at Henan University

Journal series

4. Logos & Pneuma: no. 1(1994)-42(2015)
5. Journal for the Study of Christian Culture: no. 22(2009)-35(2016), co-published with Renmin University of China
6. Journal of Comparative Scripture: vol. 1(2003)-5(2015), co-published with Minzu University of China

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New Articles

身體——耶稣基督被移位的身體 [Bodies: The Displaced Bodies of Jesus Christ]
漢語《中國基督(新)教史》之書寫及其問題意識 [Rethinking the Writing of the General History of Chinese Christianity ]
齊澤克反轉邏輯下的“基督犧牲” [Žižek's Interpretation of "Christ's Sacrifice" in his Reverse Logic ]
“良心”的自覺——《農夫皮爾斯》中的教會與改革 [Consciousness of "Conscience": Church and Reform in Piers Plowman ]
論帕切斯“朝聖”中的世界觀念和開拓思想 [On World conception and the Pioneering Spirit of Samuel Purchas' "Pilgrimage" ]