Journal Description

The International Review of Mission (IRM) is the missiological quarterly of the WCC. Whilst its focus is ecumenical missiology, it also gives a voice to other perspectives, such as those from Pentecostal and Evangelical theologians. Articles and academic papers on important mission events are presented along with book reviews and a detailed bibliography of current literature from the Centre for the Study of Christianity in the Non-Western World (Edinburgh).

Recent and forthcoming issues explore: Health, faith and healing; Bible study and mission; ecclesiology and mission; Christian presence and witness in the Middle East; African Christian Diaspora in Europe; Christian witness in post-modern and secular contexts; critical reading of mission history; mission and inter-religious dialogue; mission as reconciliation and healing.

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  • Ecumenism
    • Ecumenical Movement
    • World Council of Churches
  • Intercultural and contextual theologies
    • Missiology
    • Intercultural theologies
  • Global Church History and World Christianity
    • History of Christian missions
    • World Christianity