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The Journal of Pan African Studies is a trans-disciplinary peer reviewed scholarly journal devoted to the intellectual synthesis of research, scholarship and critical thought on the African experience. Since our inception in 1987, we have provided an international forum for diverse scholars to advance a plethora of perspectives and theoretical paradigms relevant to the social, political, economic and cultural issues that impact the African world community. Thus, the goal of the journal is to build a transnational community of scholars, theorists and practitioners who can ask questions and pose solutions to contemporary and historical issues, based upon an affirmative African centered logic and discourse of liberation.

The complexity and dynamism of the African global community warrant discussion and multifaceted engagement, hence, this journal represents a resource for informed minds to address the challenges facing the African world. We welcome your participation in this process, thus join our subscription list at no cost, contribute an article, or simply inform your colleagues of our presence.

Thank you for your support, Itibari M. Zulu, Th.D. Senior Editor

The Journal of Pan African Studies
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