Methodist and Wesleyan Studies
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Methodism as an initiator of social thought and action in the area of world peace (1900-1956)
Social ideas of Methodist ministers in Alabama since unification
Select Committee on Euthanasia Submission No 646 - Wesleyan Methodist Church
Sermon: A Way in the Wilderness — World Council of Churches
Conscience non-conformiste et politique en Grande-Bretagne, aujourd'hui : le cas des Méthodistes
Ordination of Women to the Ministry of Word and Sacraments: A turning point in the history of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa
Faith in Markets: Christian Business Enterprise in America, 1800-1850
Towards a Visionary and Historical Consciousness: Rowan Williams’s Four Quartets Lectures (1974–1975)
The Methodist Review Newsletter (January 2018)
Karl Barth’s Römerbrief: A Turning Point in Protestant Theology
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