Methodist and Wesleyan Studies
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A strategy for racial desegregation in the Methodist Church
Rereading Texts of “Targeted Killings” in the Hebrew Bible: An Indigenous Knowledge Systems Perspective
Prophecy Today: Reflections from a Southern African Context
A Revisit of the Ministerial Concept of Lay and Full-Time Ministers in Classical Pentecostal Churches in Ghana and its Missional Implications
Basarwa in Botswana: The Role of Perceptions and Name Giving by other Population Groups in Enduring Poverty
The Conferment of Martyrdom: Retracing Bernard Mzeki’s Life from his Formative Years in the History of the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe until his Death (1890–2013)
Reformed Churches Working in Unity and Diversity: Global Historical, Theological and Ethical Perspectives
Pharaohs on Both Sides of the Blood-Red Waters—Prophetic Critique on Empire: Resistance, Justice and the Power of the Hopeful Sizwe—A Transatlantic Conversation
Mission and State Health Institutions: “Invisible” Public-Private Partnerships in Zimbabwe, 1980–1999
Music of Politics and Religion Supporting Constitutional Values in South Africa
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