Methodist and Wesleyan Studies
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Samuel Dwight Chown: an architect of Canadian church union
Listening to Voices at the Margin: The Washing of the Feet John 13:1–20
Colonial Institutionalisation of Poverty among Blacks in South Africa
Yes, John G Lake was a Con Man: A Response to Marius Nel
Development and South Africa: A critical Theological Reflection on the Discourse of Development within the All Africa Conference of Churches and its significance for post-Apartheid South Africa
Die Rooms-Katolieke Wortels van die Mistiek in die Sewentiende en Agttiende-Eeuse Kaapse Piëtisme
The Reformation as a Turning Point for the Roman Catholic Church (16th and 17th Centuries)
Germany, South Africa and Rwanda: Three Manners for a Church to Confess its Guilt
From England to Under African Skies: The Quest for an African Anglican Liturgical Voice
Mistycyzm ewangelikalny – źródła, podstawy, przejawy
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