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A news reference publication published by the United Nations. Reports on UN actions and events as it addresses world issues.
The UN Chronicle, a quarterly journal published by the Department of Public Information since 1946, covers information and debate on activities of the United Nations system. It features essays and opinions from official, non-governmental, academic, and policymaking groups connected with the Organization. The journal covers a wide-range of topics including: human rights; economic, social and political issues; peacekeeping operations;  international conferences; youth related matters; women and children; and global health.

ISSN: 0251-7329


The library has all the articles of the UN Chronicle from  vol. 21(1984)-53(2016) no.2, provided by Gale.


All Copyrights are held by the Journal.

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Subjects GlobeEthicsLib

  • Global ethics
  • Political ethics
    • Ethics of political systems
    • Legal/rights ethics
    • Peace ethics
    • Governance and ethics
    • Development ethics
  • Economic ethics
    • Ethics of economic systems
    • Labour/professional ethics
    • Technologies and ethics
  • Cultural ethics
    • Cultural/inter-cultural ethics
  • Religious ethics
  • Bio ethics
    • Sexual ethics
    • Medical ethics
    • Health ethics
  • Community ethics
    • Family ethics
    • Gender ethics
    • Ethnicity and ethics
    • Minority ethics
  • Environmental ethics
    • Resources ethics
    • Biodiversity ethics
    • Ethics of global commons

Subjects GlobeTheoLib

  • Comparative religion and interreligious dialogue
    • Religious pluralism
  • General theology/other