Economic and Environmental Ethics

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  • Economic Environment iconBusiness ethics
  • Climate change, sustainability
  • Ethics in relation to implementing the UN's Sustainable Development Goals on ending hunger, access to water, sustainable energy and economic growth…

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  • What is the link between ethics and economics
  • What is the ethical perspective of business 
  • How can I contact ethics experts about issues to do with the environment and sustainable development
  • How to include ethics in my organisation

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Latest news on Economic and Environmental Ethics

Call for papers: International Conference on Social Sciences in Finland

The 11th edition of the International Conference on Social Sciences (ICSS XI) will take place in Helsinki, Finland on 20 January 2017.   Read More »

High Level Dialogue on International Financial Architecture: Ethics and Economics

This is a repost of the original article by CREAS . Read more in Spanish, Cáritas América Latina y El Caribe , Pidesone and CREAS promote dialogue for a more...   Read More »

The 4th edition of the Professional World Week (Semaine du monde professionnel)

The 4th edition of the Professional World Week took place from 14-18 November 2016 at the Abomey-Calavi University on the theme "University courses at the service of economic growth for...   Read More »

Conferences, courses and competitions for Russia

Our Russia regional programme (GE RU) in partnership with the Institute for Economic Strategies (NP INES) and the National Center for Science and Technology Information (NTNTI...   Read More »

Call for submissions: The Society for Business Ethics annual meeting

The Society for Business Ethics (SBE) welcomes scholarly submissions and reviewers for its 2017 Annual Meeting held in August 2017 in Atlanta, USA.   Read More »
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