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Ecología Aplicada, published by the Academic Department of Biology of the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (National Agrarian University La Molina), Lima - Peru, is a genuine platform for the circulation of scientific, peer-reviewed research in Ecology. Ecología Aplicada aims to disseminate new scientific knowledge on basic science that contributes to the progress of the universal knowledge; and, more forcefully, on applied science, oriented to the solution of local problems. No limitations exist in the articles thematic; submitted articles will be published provided that they are related to Ecology and accepted for publication. This magazine meets all the main characteristics required to fulfill its mission of scientific divulgation: publishing quality, protection of authors’ rights, dissemination of innovative research articles and legal deposit for preservation and access of the printed issue that assures the stability of the material trusted. Quality is guaranteed through the work of the Editor Board formed by distinguished experts. Evaluation of the submitted manuscripts is performed by highly qualified reviewers, under anonymous conditions, selected according to the investigation topic.


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  • 全球伦理
  • 环境伦理
    • 资源伦理
    • 生物多样性伦理
    • 动物伦理
    • 全球生态伦理